Weekly Updates April 8 -12 , and April 15 -19 , 2018

Dear Grade 3 Parents ,

Welcome back 🙂 and We are back to our routine 🙂

Last week , As a warm up , we have reflected upon our Spring Break and have started a new unit on ” In My House ” , where we are naming the rooms in the house and labelling the furniture items we have inside. We have started the unit with reading the story of “Tchoby want to watch TV” in Arabic .

This week we are working on our literacy booklets related to the unit.

Here are the plan and the H.W Menu

Grade_3 WP_ April 15 -19 

Grade 3 TIC – TAC -TOE. April 15 -19 , 2018 -1parvh1

The Story and Related Worksheets

تشوبي -1

Label Rooms and Furniture Booklet

Label Rooms and Furniture Booklet 1-1puwaow

Thanks , and

Have a Good One 🙂

Neveen Refaat

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