Enjoy the break – Eid Mubarak , Ramadan Wrap -Up

Dear Grade 1 Parents ,

With our shorter alternate days schedule in Ramadan, we decided to work on connectives of place.  Some of the activities we have been doing include recognising the connective, describing a picture ( oral and written ) using the connectives of place we have learned, and creating our own sentences using connectives. We also read a related story on our” I READ ARABIC ” platform. titles ” I lost my sister ” or ” ada’tu ukhty”. You can access it on the platform ( it is level  د ” .

The CONNECTIVES we took are :

In  في / داخِـل – Fee

Out  خارِج – Kharij

Above فَوق  Fawq

On top على Ala

Under  تَـحت  Tahta

In between  بَـيـن  Bayna

infront  أمامَ Amama

behind  خَـلـفَ / وراءَ wara’a / khalif

beside  بِجانِـب  bijanib

We will be back into our normal routine after the Eid break.

Enjoy the break and Eid Mubarak .

Neveen Refaat


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