Personal Project Reflection

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello readers!

Today I want share with you about my personal project.  During this project, I will be making a game with my friend Sami.  I am feeling very happy because I get to be making something I love.  Today, me and Sami were making characters and suddenly, we found out that instead of doing drawings, we could go to and click on animated pictures!  It worked really well and we were really focused and were chatting on what we could make the game look like.  Today was a really good day and I hope we can always be like this every day throughout this project.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hello readers!

I want to tell you how my day went today on my personal project.  Me and Sami were struggling to find a good template to create our game.  However, our teacher helped me and Sami to find a better place to create our game, Scratch.  Scratch helps kids to create games easily.  Even the coding part was actually easy because instead of having complex codes, Scratch gives you a simple code.  I learned that there are 2 different types of codes, easy codes and hard codes.  Me and Sami were trying coding the hard way, but we learned that doing things that are very hard is nearly impossible to do unless you know how to do it.  I demonstrated that I was a good communicator because when me and Sami were not arguing on who will do what.  Me and Sami are working together as a team.  This is how the second day of my personal project went.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Hello readers!

Today I want to share with you how my day went.  Me and Sami finally finished our project!  Well me and Sami didn’t exactly make the game, we made a trailer on i movie about our game.  Our game is called THE CUBIST.  Me and Sami presented our game and I feel accomplishment.  We explained how we changed from making a game to making a trailer.  We practiced very much and we presented.  The presentation didn’t go exactly as planned, but this shows that sometimes, plans change.  I am very happy that I got to do something I really wanted to do with my friend, Sami.  Thank you!

Children’s Rights & Responsibilities

Hello readers!

Today I want to share with you my U.O.I project Children’s Rights & Responsibilities.  In this unit, I had to study about a character or I could make my own character that doesn’t even exist!  But my character should have real rights that have been denied.  I researched about street children living in India.  My characters name was Ranbeer Kabhav and he had to live on the streets.  To present our project we did a “living wax museum”.  The idea was to be frozen and have a slip to put fake coins in.  When people come by and put the fake coins in, we come to life and explain our characters life and how it has changed. The important thing about this unit is that I learned about how many people have denied rights.

I would want to have more eye contact with my audience.  I liked how detailed I made my speech and how we were all able to stay frozen until someone came.  If you want to watch my video on Ranbeer Kabhav’s life then here it is.


I really liked this unit because we were researching different sources and finding out different websites that actually help people/kids living in poverty.  I found a website called Tab for a Cause on google webstore.  Tab for a Cause is a website where you can donate hearts to different causes.  If you are interested then watch this video 



click here


My U.O.I Reflection

Hello readers!

Today I want to share with you about my new unit about energy.  I learned about all the different types of energy, and today I want to share with you all the different things that I had learned about energy.  Energy does not just give you the power to do something, it can come in many different forms, for example, energy can come as heat, water, geothermal, biomass, height, etc.

Energy does give you the power to move, but have you ever wondered where the energy comes from?  Energy comes from the sun which grows plants which becomes food which humans eat and get their energy.  I went on a field trip with my friends to a place called Sustainable City, where we learned about solar energy and the thing that I was most impressed of was how the people showed me how hot wind can be turned into cold wind with this small structure.The hot wind comes in the top and there are big pads that are filled with water so when the wind blows on the water it comes out as cold air.  I was really impressed by this and I liked the idea.

We made our own groups and made inventions based on energy.  Me and my friends Abdulla, Raza, and Omar made an invention about chain reactions.  And we showed people how energy is transferred from one object to another.  It was very fun and I hope we can keep having fun projects.  I really loved this unit and I hope that you all have learned something about energy that you didn’t know before.  See? Energy isn’t all about the power that can help you move.

This is the tower that I was talking about earlier

Bye and see you for another blog post!

Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Hello readers, today I want to tell you about my project on advertising.

I made my own advertisement and its for TEEN CLUB, its not an actual place but I just made it up.  Why did I choose this type of advert? I choose this type of advert because I felt that I could draw the types of pictures that teenagers like and that I could put all the colors that teenagers like as well.  I did my project by myself and I did everything alone.  How did I make & present my advert?  The way that I made my advert was by drawing in different types of styles for example drew the letters TEEN CLUB in a spike type if writing and I also drew some skulls and some fire and I drew some sort of rock notes to make it look like a teen advert.  I made an I Movie to present my work and in it I explained everything I am telling you now, this is how I made & presented my advert.

How would I grade myself on this project?  I would grade myself from 1/10 an 8 and a half because I think that I did a good job and a bad job.  I did a good job because I different styles in drawing & writing and because I was focussed on my project, but I did a bad job because I did not put a lot of creativity in my advert. I could improve by making my future projects more and more detailed.  This is how I would grade my self on this project.

I noticed that one group created a video and that they put and I also so another group that made a model of what they were advertising, for example one group had created their own cereal and they made big box with their cereal name on it and it was called “ZINCH”.

I learned that there are WAY more different types of ways to create adverts and that adverts are all around us, I will tell you 4 different ways you can advertise something:

  1. Your reading this with your mac book, so you are advertising apple.
  2. Everyone who wears a uniform is advertising their school.
  3. If you go to borders and you buy a book[s], you get a bag and when you carry that bag around that bag you are advertising borders.
  4. Everything in your house is advertising a company.

When I finally finished my project I felt proud of myself because I finally finished, all that work was finally done.  And at the end I realized that making an advert is not that easy, it takes a long time, a lot of work, and most of all it has to be GOOD & PERSUASIVE.  Thank you readers for reading this if you have any questions or comments just write them down below:

Thank You!








This week I learned all about advertising.I was very surprised by how many adverts there were and how many forms they came in, i also learned that advertisements are all around us. I enjoyed when we got in groups and talked about all the different types of adverts.

These are the different types of adverts:

  • magazines
  • videos
  • radio
  • bill boards
  • banners

I wanted to know how long do adverts take to be made and to be published?

I think advertising is important because they give us information and because they are very entertaining to kids.

I want to share this advert below because I feel kids will like it and adults because it a song for the advert and because it is really funny!

Click HERE to watch the video.


Question:what did you think of the video? Did you find it funny?

Please leave your comments down below.

«U.O.I Portfolio»

Our central idea was:The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation.

The things that we learned were…

  •  Will a mountain last forever?
  • Why is there sand at the beach?
  • Can a volcano pop up in your backyard?
  • Whats strong enough to make a canyon?

I want to share a piece of work that I think is awesome.

It’s Can a volcano pop up in your backyard?

We learned things like:

  • That the ring of fire is not really in the shape of a circle, click HERE if you want to see the ring of fire.
  • Actually the ring of fire is not even a polygon!


If you have any comments/suggestions please write them down below.

Thank You!


Innovations of Innovators

Hello readers,

Today I want to tell you about my innovation. What is an innovation you ask? Well an innovation is like an invention but people/innovators create an innovation with common objects and they put them together to make an innovation/invention.

So the way me and my partner made our lantern is by using a paper plate, 4 cups, tape, and 12 toothpicks. The purpose of our lantern was that it was supposed to give a lot of light and people can hold it like they held with a candle in the olden times.


The way me and my partner Abdulla  made the lantern was by cutting the hole at the bottom  off of each cup and we put one cup on top of another cup and at the end we had two cups with one cup in each, the we put them on top of each other. Next we got some tape and joined the two cups together, after that we stuck in some toothpicks through the holes and we glued the cups to the plate.


The way I felt after I was done was that I felt accomplished and I was proud of myself for finishing it. And that how me and my partner Abdulla made our lantern!

And I have question: What is the difference between an invention and an innovation?

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