Children’s Rights & Responsibilities

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Today I want to share with you my U.O.I project Children’s Rights & Responsibilities.  In this unit, I had to study about a character or I could make my own character that doesn’t even exist!  But my character should have real rights that have been denied.  I researched about street children living in India.  My characters name was Ranbeer Kabhav and he had to live on the streets.  To present our project we did a “living wax museum”.  The idea was to be frozen and have a slip to put fake coins in.  When people come by and put the fake coins in, we come to life and explain our characters life and how it has changed. The important thing about this unit is that I learned about how many people have denied rights.

I would want to have more eye contact with my audience.  I liked how detailed I made my speech and how we were all able to stay frozen until someone came.  If you want to watch my video on Ranbeer Kabhav’s life then here it is.


I really liked this unit because we were researching different sources and finding out different websites that actually help people/kids living in poverty.  I found a website called Tab for a Cause on google webstore.  Tab for a Cause is a website where you can donate hearts to different causes.  If you are interested then watch this video 



click here


My U.O.I Reflection

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Today I want to share with you about my new unit about energy.  I learned about all the different types of energy, and today I want to share with you all the different things that I had learned about energy.  Energy does not just give you the power to do something, it can come in many different forms, for example, energy can come as heat, water, geothermal, biomass, height, etc.

Energy does give you the power to move, but have you ever wondered where the energy comes from?  Energy comes from the sun which grows plants which becomes food which humans eat and get their energy.  I went on a field trip with my friends to a place called Sustainable City, where we learned about solar energy and the thing that I was most impressed of was how the people showed me how hot wind can be turned into cold wind with this small structure.The hot wind comes in the top and there are big pads that are filled with water so when the wind blows on the water it comes out as cold air.  I was really impressed by this and I liked the idea.

We made our own groups and made inventions based on energy.  Me and my friends Abdulla, Raza, and Omar made an invention about chain reactions.  And we showed people how energy is transferred from one object to another.  It was very fun and I hope we can keep having fun projects.  I really loved this unit and I hope that you all have learned something about energy that you didn’t know before.  See? Energy isn’t all about the power that can help you move.

This is the tower that I was talking about earlier

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Decimals are Great

Do you know what are decimals?  Decimals are not the points between numbers.  Decimals are the dots that separate whole numbers from parts of a number.  For example decimals can be like this: 3.20 or 7,937,445.998,376.  Decimals can be as long as you want.  To put in a more simple way decimals are just another way to write fractions.  You can keep adding numbers to decimals to make them an infinite number.


Decimals can come as fractions or in measurements or in money.  For example you can have $2.35 you can also have 2.35 cm,mm,km, or m.  Another example of decimals are 1 over 100 but to write that as decimals it would be 0.01.  The numbers before the point go in order backwards from the numbers after the point.  For example the numbers before the point go in order like this: tenTHS, hundredTHS, thousandTHS, and so on. the numbers after go like ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on


This is how to write decimals, they are not points they separate numbers from whole numbers.  If you have a test with decimals on it, remember this stuff.  I have a task for you to do, ask you parents to make a decimal place value test tell me you score on the comments below.  I hope these things have made you understand what decimals really are, don’t forget this stuff.  Bye!




Prime Numbers


What are these numbers?  They are called prime numbers.

What are prime numbers?  Prime numbers have exactly 2 factors.  A factor is a multiple of a number, for example: The factors of 25 are: 1&25, 5&5.

The number two has exactly 2 factors are:1&2

Prime numbers have to have only 2 factors 1 and itself.

The prime numbers up to 100 are: 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89,&97.

«U.O.I Portfolio»

Our central idea was:The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation.

The things that we learned were…

  •  Will a mountain last forever?
  • Why is there sand at the beach?
  • Can a volcano pop up in your backyard?
  • Whats strong enough to make a canyon?

I want to share a piece of work that I think is awesome.

It’s Can a volcano pop up in your backyard?

We learned things like:

  • That the ring of fire is not really in the shape of a circle, click HERE if you want to see the ring of fire.
  • Actually the ring of fire is not even a polygon!


If you have any comments/suggestions please write them down below.

Thank You!


Life Of A Writer

Hey guys today I want to tell you about my story.

This book is about a boy that doesn’t know how to make all the tough decisions and doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong, this is a book more for a child like you, it has a setting that is mostly at a school and it has a gang called the: Exterminators, find out more by reading the book!

                                   The Believer


                                         Written by:Neil Menon


Ben always wanted to be with the cool kids at the school he goes to and he always thought that they were so nice.  And one day he got his wish, but it turns out that the cool kids just bullied other kids and they mistreated Ben.

Ben was a 7 year old boy and his favorite color was blue, and he was always being teased because he was a nerd and he was super gullible, the reason that he was so gullible was because everyone could play the same prank on him every single day.

Ben used to be a nice kid but when he became friends with the cool kids at his school he became a BULLY! [DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!] One day Ben thought that he should go tell his parents about the bullies and that’s exactly what he did. “Mom, dad I need to talk to you.” “Sure honey.” said Ben’s mom as she was cleaning the dishes. “What is it son?” said his dad as he continued to read his morning newspaper, “I have some friends… but they bully kids.” his parents dropped what was in their hands, “YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH WHO!!!!!!” yelled his parents at the same time.  “bullies.” said Ben with a soft voice.  “Look son, bullies are mean and it is not even legal in our country.  Tomorrow when you go to school I want you to leave this group of bullies.” Ben’s father made Ben promise to leave the bullies.

The next day Ben was eating with his friends at a bench when one of them said “Yo Ben, come over here and throw away my trash.” Ben didn’t move he said again “Ben I thought I told you to come to throw my trash?!”

Ben replied “You thought, you didn’t say.” they got up and they yelled “GET HIM!!!”Ben ran for his life and suddenly he saw something, it was a teacher! He went to her and told her that those bullies were after him.  

The teacher told the bullies to stop, she asked them “What on earth are you doing chasing a KID!!” she yelled at them for a while and then told the principal and the bullies got detention. Ben gave a sigh of relief “Finally” he said trying to catch his breath. “YAY!!!!!” Ben celebrated with joy, he felt as if he just  got cured from the plague.

After a while when Ben was done celebrating his victory he thought that he should say sorry to all the kids he had bullied,

“Sorry for bullying you guys, I did not mean to bully you but I was too scared to stand up to them. I’m really sorry, can you please forgive me?” The kids looked at each other, then they said

“We forgive you but you owe us now, ok?”

“Okay.” said Ben glad that he had some friends again.

“Do you want to play soccer with us?” they asked“Sure!!” Ben said happily and was once again the nicest kid in school. “AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!”screamed the bullies with boredom.

I want to share this because I think that children can learn to make real friends not ones that are mean or misbehave.

The things that I learned were that all fiction books have a theme. A theme is the point of the story or the life lesson that the character learns in the story. I also learned how characters can change in the exposition, the rising acton, the climax or the falling action.

An EXPOSITION,  is the beginning of a story or the introduction. The RISING ACTION,  is like what is happening before the main part of the story. Next is the CLIMAX, a climax is the main important part in the story, a book can have more than one climax. And finally the FALLING ACTION, and that is like the the end of the book and the writers tell you what has happened to all the characters before they finish the book.

I could improve by putting more and more detail an that I could edit and remove all the un-important parts of the story.

I was being reflective because I was always trying to improve my writing.





Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Hello readers today I want to tell you what I learned in math.

I learned about quadrilaterals example:



A line, line segment and a ray:

And graphs:


This all that I have learned in maths so far I hope you enjoyed!