Hello readers 

I want to tell you about how I learned to do a back flip.

I was in the car with my mom, I was SUPER bored because I started my gymnastics class at 5:00 and it was only 3;20. My mom was to busy on a phone call and my sister was ALSO on her phone, so I just had to wait another 2 hours in the car.


“YES!!” FINALLY! I could go inside. I went inside and started doing my warm up. My coach told me to go to the trampoline.And I started to bounce on the trampoline And I was doing front flips and thats when my coach told me to do back flips, at first he was helping me and I was ok, but then he told me to do them ALONE.

At first I thought he was joking but then he got off the trampoline and told me to do it. Now I KNEW he was serious,¬† I started to do little bounces then my coach told me to bounce higher, I prayed to god that I wouldn’t die. And then I jumped! I had my eyes closed and then suddenly I felt my feet touch the trampoline. I did it!!!

My coach started to clap and I thought of how happy I was I couldn’t wait to tell my mom that I did a back flip! I was never ever more happier in my life.