Innovations of Innovators

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Today I want to tell you about my innovation. What is an innovation you ask? Well an innovation is like an invention but people/innovators create an innovation with common objects and they put them together to make an innovation/invention.

So the way me and my partner made our lantern is by using a paper plate, 4 cups, tape, and 12 toothpicks. The purpose of our lantern was that it was supposed to give a lot of light and people can hold it like they held with a candle in the olden times.


The way me and my partner Abdulla  made the lantern was by cutting the hole at the bottom  off of each cup and we put one cup on top of another cup and at the end we had two cups with one cup in each, the we put them on top of each other. Next we got some tape and joined the two cups together, after that we stuck in some toothpicks through the holes and we glued the cups to the plate.


The way I felt after I was done was that I felt accomplished and I was proud of myself for finishing it. And that how me and my partner Abdulla made our lantern!

And I have question: What is the difference between an invention and an innovation?

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