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Hey guys, just yesterday in grade 5 we did a musical called,”Where the wild things are” and it was 1 hour and 30 minutes about 4 fifth graders exploring the forest.Our instruments were recorder, ukelele, Maracas, salt shakers, and of course our voices!It was so fun and a great experience.

AHHHHHHH exhibition is here!

Hey guys as you know, I am a 5th grader at U.A.S and in 5th grade as 1 of the big and major projects, I have to do my first ever exhibition project!So basically for exhibition I chose bullying because I think that it is a very common everyday problem that needs to stop, so in class we talked a lot about key concepts and transdisiplinary themes so far and that was all for the first week, so wish me luck!


What is 3.14159265359?

Hey, guys, I am back with another mathematical post because today is a very important day which is pi day!Pi day is the day of celebration of dividing the circumference and diameter of a circle and get Pi.Pi is basically any decimal number that begins with 3.14 and usually, it never ends! Pi day is celebrated on March 14 because March is the 3rd month of the year and .14 because it is the 14th of March, so today is Pi day!

Are you smart enough?

Hey, guys, I am back with another math post and you just try to answer these 5 math fraction word problems!

1.Amy has 3/13 of baking powder but she needs 7/13 of baking powder, how much more baking powder does Amy need?

2.2 cherry pies are split equally between 8 people, Hank said that each person gets 2/16 in total but Tom said that each person gets 1/8 in total, who is right and why?

3.If you give Susan 1/3 third of a pizza and then give Patrick 1/6 of the same pizza, how much pizza did you give away?

4.If you eat 1/4 of a cookie, what percentage is that out of 100?

5.If you do 50% of the work in class, what decimal is that?

Who your favorite book character?

Who’s your favorite book character?Is it, Greg Heffley?Tom Gates? well, today at uas we had a chance to dress up a character from our favorite book for a parade during reading week, So today I am no longer Nadine, my name is now Shirley Louise Smith from a book called “wave me goodbye” written by Jacqueline Wilson.This book is about a girl (Shirley Louise Smith), she lives in London, but the world war II has begun so Shirley had to leave the city and go to  the country world were the won’t get bombed and her parents had to go to the war, so this book basically is about her life in the countryside.

Today was so fun to be able to dress up, and I hope that everyone enjoyed it!

Escape the tomb of the Egyptian world!

Picture yourself as an explorer or journalist exploring the Egyptian world, underground, in a tunnel, looking for your way out.Well, guess what? Just yesterday me and my classmates in 5EY went to an escape the room activity in the administration offices at school and basically, there is a room decorated as an underground Egyptian tomb and you get locked in and try to escape by finding out the door’s code, my class in total took 31 minutes to guess the code and get out, it was really fun and interesting but also quite challenging and hard to solve!

72 years of fantastic stories

Hey guys, so today at school I was lucky enough to be 1 in 20 5th graders picked out in a raffle to watch the presentation of the 72-year-old author, Jacqueline Wilson!I have been reading her books since 2nd grade and I won’t stop!Jacqueline Wilson was born on December 17th,1945 in Bath, United Kingdom, she has written over 100 books, the literature festival was at Mamzar, Sharjah, my favorite Jacqueline Wilson book is called Best Friends it’s about 2 girls named Alice and Gemma, they are best friends but one day Alice has to travel to Switzerland and leave Gemma behind.The thing that I really like about her books is that they are so real and detailed, sometimes as I’m reading her books that I start to feel as if I am just staring at everything happen.



It’s dear time! so DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!So this week is reading week at UAS and reading is very important in education because it connects to everything in your life.Reading week is a week to celebrate the author dr.seuss’s birthday on March 2nd, so have a great reading week with uas!

Around the world in 24 hours?!

I know what you’re thinking,”wait, only in 1 day?!” well today at school, Saturday was the international day fair, there were different things from around the world like, food, calligraphy, clothing, and dancing they also had around-the-world performances and there were bake sales and toy booths, there was also a photo booth and several bouncy houses, my favorite thing in the international day fair was all the different cultures that were represented and all of their taditions and cultures, but what I did not like was that it was so crowded, busy, loud, and it was very hot outside, but overasll it was so much fun and I had a blast of a great time!


….Oh No…Mummies attack!

Hey guys, just a few days ago my class, 5ey went to the secondary library to see some presentations by grade 7 about ancient Egypt.These presentations taught me so much about ancient Egypt throughout history, I learned about the Egyptian calendars and how they tell the time by looking at the stars and constellations, turns out there were so many things that I did not know!




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