Are you smart enough?

Hey, guys, I am back with another math post and you just try to answer these 5 math fraction word problems!

1.Amy has 3/13 of baking powder but she needs 7/13 of baking powder, how much more baking powder does Amy need?

2.2 cherry pies are split equally between 8 people, Hank said that each person gets 2/16 in total but Tom said that each person gets 1/8 in total, who is right and why?

3.If you give SusanĀ 1/3 third of a pizza and then give Patrick 1/6 of the same pizza, how much pizza did you give away?

4.If you eat 1/4 of a cookie, what percentage is that out of 100?

5.If you do 50% of the work in class, what decimal is that?

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