Look up……………STARS!

Did you know the sky has exactly 88 constellations?! That’s what they’ll tell you at the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences, today grade 5 had a field trip and let me tell you it was amazing! The planetarium was huge and epic there were so many different exhibits about space and the science behind it. My favorite part of going to the space center was looking at the constellations, planets, and galaxies, I also really enjoyed reading about the exhibits did you know that the time in space is different than time in the earth? Yeah, that’s true, it’s called a paradox.

Well, I had so much fun there and I would recommend going there for anyone who likes science and astronomy.


Buzz Buzz Bee!

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog, so 2 days ago there was a spelling bee at my school, from grades 3-5 each class from each grade had 2 people to be part of the bee, then the top 2 winners from the bee in their grade would move on to the finals, so this post is a shoutout to Mariska from grade 5SS as she won the spelling bee!

An exhibition well done !

Hi guys, I am so proud of my self because I have successfully accomplished my exhibition project! So I will answer a few questions that were put together by my teacher, so let’s get started

Q#1-Why did you select the topic that you chose? A-because it’s a big problem and I also wanted to learn more about bullying so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to learn more.

Q#2-What did you learn from your survey data? A-I learned that in our school a lot of people have been bullied and the amount was much bigger than I had expected.

Q#3-What do you think is the most important message to send to others about your topic? A-To let them know that we need to stop bullying and convince them that it is a really bad thing to do to someone.

Q#4-Pick three learner profile attributes and/or attitudes that you think you showed during exhibition and how. A-Thinker, open-minded, and communicator because I thought through everything that I did and I was open-minded to everyone’s thoughts and ideas and communicator because I had to talk and interview a lot of people.

Q#5-What was most memorable about the exhibition process? A-filming the video.

Q#6-What, if anything, would you change if you could go back and do it again? A-To be more manageable with the time.

Q#7-Describe how you feel now that exhibition is over.-I feel happy and relieved that I was successful and I feel proud of myself.

Exhibition is coming up soon !

Hey guys!as you know I am working on exhibition and it’s coming up in 1 week! Me and my group are working on google slides presentation about our journey, a poster with all our information, a video about bullying, and even more!We are working very hard and trying the best we can.The exhibition days are May 6th and 7th in the Dubai Festival City Mall! We are so excited and we are doing well so wish us good luck!


Hey guys, just yesterday in grade 5 we did a musical called,”Where the wild things are” and it was 1 hour and 30 minutes about 4 fifth graders exploring the forest.Our instruments were recorder, ukelele, Maracas, salt shakers, and of course our voices!It was so fun and a great experience.

AHHHHHHH exhibition is here!

Hey guys as you know, I am a 5th grader at U.A.S and in 5th grade as 1 of the big and major projects, I have to do my first ever exhibition project!So basically for exhibition I chose bullying because I think that it is a very common everyday problem that needs to stop, so in class we talked a lot about key concepts and transdisiplinary themes so far and that was all for the first week, so wish me luck!


What is 3.14159265359?

Hey, guys, I am back with another mathematical post because today is a very important day which is pi day!Pi day is the day of celebration of dividing the circumference and diameter of a circle and get Pi.Pi is basically any decimal number that begins with 3.14 and usually, it never ends! Pi day is celebrated on March 14 because March is the 3rd month of the year and .14 because it is the 14th of March, so today is Pi day!

Are you smart enough?

Hey, guys, I am back with another math post and you just try to answer these 5 math fraction word problems!

1.Amy has 3/13 of baking powder but she needs 7/13 of baking powder, how much more baking powder does Amy need?

2.2 cherry pies are split equally between 8 people, Hank said that each person gets 2/16 in total but Tom said that each person gets 1/8 in total, who is right and why?

3.If you give Susan 1/3 third of a pizza and then give Patrick 1/6 of the same pizza, how much pizza did you give away?

4.If you eat 1/4 of a cookie, what percentage is that out of 100?

5.If you do 50% of the work in class, what decimal is that?

1 2 3