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Book Week!

in book week we did a lot of activities, but my favorite is when we dressed up as our favorite book character, but we were also doing D.E.A.R every day when we were in school!

The Grade 7 Projects

In school we went to see the projects from grade 7 and i saw what they did to make people come to their project, they had some sort of activities to make people engaged and entertained, they also made their project look neat and organized so the people will think its a good presentation. I now can use the things they used for my future presentations.

My Expectations

Before camp i had some expectations, i was thinking that all of the showers would be cold, but i was wrong, another expectation i had is that Jacobs ladder would be easy, but i was so wrong, when i was trying to climb the ladder it kept moving and moving and i only reached to third step.

The Camping Trip!

When I hopped on the bus I knew that this was going to be an adventure, when I went in the bus I heard my heart pumping so fast I could hardly breath, I felt nervous and excited at the same time, this is the first time i’m away from my parents that long. In camp i did activities like kaiaking and snorkeling, but the most challenging one is Jacob’s ladder, it broke my body. Jacobs ladder broke my bones, and when I was trying to climb, the ladder kept shaking and it couldn’t stop moving. 

Art Reflection

When we did our portraits i learned diffrent techniques to make our portraits, the first technique i learned is shading, i learned that if we push hard on the pencil it will make a dark shade, but if we push light on the pencil it will make a lighter shade of color on the portrait. The second technique i learned is how to make the hair look natural, we make it look natural by not coloring the inside in one way, because if we do that it looks like i have a helmet on my head, and the third technique i learned is how to make the head shape, first we print a picture and then we colored behind the page we took a picture with then we colored with black oil pastels, and then we put the picture above a white piece of paper then add a paper clip to the two pieces of paper, then we start to out-line our face until we added all the details and the white piece of paper will have all the details and your face. When we were doing the project i had something that i was thinking that would improve the portrait a bit, the thing that i wanted to change was my shading because i thought that some parts were dark when they weren’t supposed to be.

something about my book

today i was thinking about writing about my theme of the book ,and was thinking about writing the things of what is happening in my book, so here we go…

my book is called ”Runaway Twin” and it talks about a small girl called sunny and she is trying to find her sister starr because they got separated a long time ago, now that i told you about the main part of the book, i want to talk about what i think the theme is in my book, what i think the theme in my book is that you should respect everyone because sunny found an old dog that did not do anything, and when  she was getting robbed, the dog scared the robbers out of sight.

thank you for reading my post!

WWAPT-Final research project

So i did a project about Roald Amundsen and i presented my project with a light

blue poster, a lot of people walked around the classroom and everyone loved it!

I was so proud  of myself of how much effort i put into it, so i am going to show

you a picture of my poster right now…