So far in 5th grade

I am in 5th grade now. I am in miss Greens class we have learned a lot these passed 2 weeks like relearning the prim and composite numbers like. Some prim numbers are 2,3,5,7,11 and more and composite numbers are 4,,6,8,9,10, and more. DID YOU KNOW THAT0  0 AND ARE NOR PRIM OR COMPOSITE THEY ARE NETHER OF THEM.

I started  learning division because i am in highest math group so we do stuff before the rest of the class does. Today in class we had to make up something about divisibility rules so my group did a game show it was really fun to make the game show then present it is front of the class. I love how miss green takes something boring and turns it into something fun like Divisibility rules and instead of just writing them we had to make a one day project.

In PE  we are learning to use a body more so we do push ups all most every begging of PE we are also looking at practicing throwing and eating correctly. What i mean by throwing and catching correctly is when you throw you throw with your right hand and stepping with you right leg too but that is wrong. You throw with your right hand and step  with your left leg do throw with you right hand and step with your left foot.

In ART we have a new ART teacher her name is miss Hemstead last year she was a 4th grade teacher this year she is an ART teacher so far in ART I have been learning how to draw pictures of your friend.In ART we have this path which you have to follow I think it helps a lot it makes  clean ups way faster with the oath then without the past now no one gets paint all over there self when they use the ART path.

thank you for READING  my life so far in 5th Grade



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