Camp is almost here !!!! :)

Next week i am going to Camp . It will be one night in North Star camp where I  will be sleeping in a  cabin with my friends Sabine , Ayana, Daisy and a couple more girl and doing some activities.

I am looking forward  to many things at camp. Firstly  I really want to do is Archery because I will get to use a bow and arrows. I also think it will be fun to do Obstacle course because I will get to do a lot of hard stuff to climb over really hard stuff. In addition  to this the abseiling looks really fun even if I don`t now what it is.

there are some things about camp that I am a bit worried about. I am not sure about doing the rock climbing wall because i am really scared of being high up . Another thing the concerns me is that I have a allergy because i do not want to be sick on camp.

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on “Camp is almost here !!!! :)
One Comment on “Camp is almost here !!!! :)

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