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Advertising: stereotype – choosing books

Today we went to the MS / HS library . We did activities  like choosing books by gender and why and choose books by age and why .We did this so that we can now about higher grade level books … Continue reading

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Unit 2 lesson 1 Healthy mind & body

How to be Healthy physically & mentally I stay healthy by eating healthy taking showers and exercising. It is important to learn how to be healthy because you need to take showers eat healthy and play sports . This would … Continue reading

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Moral ED Lesson 5 Stereotyping

  Stereotype : A fixed idea that many people have about a thing or a group that may be untrue or partly true . I think we learned about stereotype because people believe  stuff that is not so true .

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Float by : Daniel Miyares Dec,7,2017

Float is a book we read today . It reminds me of the movie IT  . That movie is scary . I think the other chose to make this book with out pictures because he want’s us to learn how to … Continue reading

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Looking at maps :UAE

On Tuesday we learned about maps . I know that all maps have a key. A key is a tool that is some were on a map . It tells you what the sighs  on the maps on the maps … Continue reading

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  This is my advertisement that i made for people that do not Know where to go for winter break.  

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Math Dec,5,2017

We learned about prime numbers and square numbers . We also learned about multiplication/division facts table . It was hard to guess what prime numbers where because none new what they were but Ms: Talbot helped us learn.

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I liked this work sheet because I learned a lot about angles and quadrangles . I liked learning about angles because it was complicated at first but when I learned it was interesting and I wanted to learn more.

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Moral Education Lesson 4 Tolerance Dec,4,2017

Tolerance We learned about Tolerance today and I think we learned  about Tolerance because lot’s of people do not like Tolerance and they are rude and disrespectful to people that are a different gender or they are a different age … Continue reading

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Morel Education Lesson 2 Nov 19 2017

I can see if people are sympathy and Empathy. I can feel Empathy because some times I can tell how people fell by there face or body emotions .I can feel Sympathy because I some times share peoples feelings and … Continue reading

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