Ancient Egypt with grade 7

Two days ago we went  to the MS/HS library and we were in groups of four . The first people that my group went to spoke in a clear voice. They were two girls but I forgot there names . They taught us about Hieroglyphics and they let us wright our names it was fun.

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Rollercoaster & energy


Today we did a science experiment about a rollercoaster. we did 3 experiments. on the third one the last one worked it was fun.

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Human Heart

Today I made a book about a human heart. I learned that it pumps blood in and out . We did a experiment and touched our pulse for 30 seconds and saw how many heartbeats pur 30 seconds .



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Feedback -4th grade and CAS Mayssa Rarih 4AT

Mayssa Rarih 4AT

Today I like how we were working with HS and adverts . I also liked how we got to sort books with HS and ask them why they choose to put it in that category . It was fun how we got to ask them questions about them selfs . I learned a lot more about stereotyps and how lots of people have diffrente ones . this made me think a lot better about stereotyps . Stereotyps  have to do with adverts because you have to now about stereotypes  to now what people like .

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Advertising :Reality VS Advert

The difference between real life and adverts is that one adverts are not always true. Two real life you can prove it . Three adverts are not always a good thing to buy. A good advert is when it is funny.

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Advertising: stereotype – choosing books

Today we went to the MS / HS library . We did activities  like choosing books by gender and why and choose books by age and why .We did this so that we can now about higher grade level books so when we go to that age level we will know a lot . I liked this activate because I learned a lot and it helped me understand more . I wonder why there where books my age would read at a MS / HS library . It was fun .

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Unit 2 lesson 1 Healthy mind & body

How to be Healthy physically & mentally

I stay healthy by eating healthy taking showers and exercising.

It is important to learn how to be healthy because you need to take showers eat healthy and play sports .

This would be me .                                              not me.

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Moral ED Lesson 5 Stereotyping


Stereotype : A fixed idea that many people have about a thing or a group that may be untrue or partly true . I think we learned about stereotype because people believe  stuff that is not so true .

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Float by : Daniel Miyares Dec,7,2017

Float is a book we read today . It reminds me of the movie IT  . That movie is scary . I think the other chose to make this book with out pictures because he want’s us to learn how to tell how people feel . The plot off this story is in the house also outside and in the   lake/water . I like how it has no pictures it makes it so interesting to read . I wish the author could change it and add more pictures.

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Looking at maps :UAE

On Tuesday we learned about maps . I know that all maps have a key. A key is a tool that is some were on a map . It tells you what the sighs  on the maps on the maps mean . A key also tells you what a thing or  a building is .

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