Last Week Recap

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Welcome back from the long holiday weekend!

It was so nice to see everyone returning from the 4 day break with big smiles today!

Just to recap from last week:


Our focus for writing was life in the UAE! We brainstormed ideas about what makes the UAE special and made our own poster to take home. We continued with our super-reading powers such as partner power, reread power, pointer power and picture power. We finished writing the alphabet in our workbooks and have begun working on word families “-at” and “-it”!

We started our new unit on shapes! We reviewed what they already know about shapes and compared circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles. We are using vocabulary words such as sides and corners to make these comparisons. We have also been practicing drawing each of these shapes on our own.

There was a lot of buzz around National Day last week in our class! The kids had so many ideas and stories when it came to talking about what they love about the UAE. We sang a new song called “The Seven Emirates”, made a camel sunset picture, and made henna hands. The class had a blast outside at the activity tents and bouncy castles and it was lovely trying food made by UAE families after lunch!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Early Release Day so please pick your child up at 1:50 if they do not ride the bus. Thank you!

Take care,

Our Week in KG2MM

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Hi everyone!
Just a few reminders for next week:

-Wednesday is UAE Day AND National Dress Day (we now have 4 volunteers – thank you!!). We will be having fun activities during the day for the kids to take part in.

-There will be no school on Thursday, November 30th and Sunday, December 3rd.

-Please return the poem books this Sunday. They do not need to be returned on Wednesday as we will be quite busy for National Day and there’s no school on Thursday.


This week:

PYP – This week we continued our focus on our school community. In small groups the students were given the task to create the perfect school. They first planned out their school on paper and then were given materials to create their plan. It was so great to see the class collaborating effectively! We also discussed the importance of firefighters and brainstormed about their attributes and tasks.


Math – This was our last week for Counting and Cardinality. We reviewed previously learned concepts such as counting with base ten blocks and ten frames. We used clippers to match the amounts on ten frames and counted the total starting from 10.


Readers Workshop – We introduce two new super powers this week – Picture Power and Partner Power. Sometimes we run into tricky words (we call them our “kryptonite”) so we need to use our picture power to help us. While using picture power, it’s important to make sure the first letter of the word matches the first sound in the picture we see. Using our Partner Power, we worked in pairs to help each other out. One partner did the pointing, while the other partner read aloud.

Writer’s Workshop – After reading The Little Red Hen, we made our own versions of the book. Some students wrote about “The Little Pink Cat”, “The Little Orange Fox”, etc. The wrote the pattern “Who will _________? “’Not I” said _______”. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we also made turkey cards saying what we are thankful for.


Phonics – Q, U, V

Writing – W,Z, Y, X.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!!

UAE National Day *Volunteers Needed*

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I hope everyone is doing well! Next Wednesday we will be having our UAE National Day and we are looking for 3 more volunteers. We would need volunteers for about 1 hour to help students outside as they go around to different activities from 8:30-9:30. If you’re available, please send me an email ( We would love to have you!

Many thanks,

Some Important Notes

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I hope you all had a great weekend! It was great getting to talk to you all during the conferences on Wednesday and Thursday! Many of the kids today told me they felt proud of themselves because they’re doing a good job at school – it’s so nice to have such an enthusiastic group of students and supportive group of parents!

Just a few things to update you all on:

-If you have not sent in your assigned item for the Support Staff Care Boxes, please so do as soon as possible as we will be getting them ready for this Thursday.

-Today we will begin sending Rebus Poems home. We will read the poem as a class together and then they can take it home to read with you. We will be doing two poems a week (Sunday and Thursday). Please make sure your child brings their book back on Sunday and Thursday so that we can put a new poem in their book.

-Our class photos will be on Wednesday, November 22nd.

-There is a PTSO Thanksgiving dinner Sunday, Nov 19th at 3:30. You can bring a dish to share and all are welcome to join.

-Our UAE National Day celebration will be on Wednesday, November 29th. If any parents are interested in helping out during this day (likely in the morning), please contact me at I’ll give more details later. There is no school on Thursday, November 30th.

-We will be doing our color post-assessment on Thursday, November 23rd.

Thank you,

Magrudy’s Book Fair

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This week UAS will host Magrudy’s Book Fair in the UAS Lobby. We will be going as a class tomorrow (Monday) to check it out. If you wish, you can send book money with your child tomorrow or you are also welcome to check out the book fair on Wednesday and Thursday during Parent Teacher Conferences so that you can make book choices together.

Also, just a reminder that library books are due back on Tuesday this week as there is no school on Thursday.

Many thanks,

Our Week!

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News for next week:
-Field Trip on Sunday (please come on time). Please send a small snack with your child to school that we can eat before we leave or when we return.

-Library Day is on TUESDAY this upcoming week due to Parent Teacher Conferences being held on Thursday. Please bring books back by TUESDAY.

-Play on Monday “Jack and the Beanstalk”
-Wear BLUE on Tuesday for Diabetes Awareness (we will be doing Go Noodle dances to stay healthy!)

-Parent Teacher Conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. Please schedule your appointment and fill out the online form posted on this blog if you haven’t already.

-Please bring in your items for the Support Staff Care Packages

Here’s our weekly recap of what’s been going on in KG2:

Reader’s Workshop – We started our new unit “We are Super Readers”. We are working on gaining confidence in our ability to read words independently. The kids really were enthusiastic about wearing their Super Reader capes – thank you for sending them in! The 2 powers we introduced this week were “Pointer Power” and “Reread Power”. “Reader-Man” left us a note that led us to a bag of pointer fingers infused with extra reader power. We have been using the fingers to emphasize the importance of pointing to one word at a time when reading. If we are still reading but there are no more words on the page to point to, we need to reread and try again to make sure the words are matching what we point to.



Writer’s Workshop – We began writing a new pattern book called “What Can You See?” using a question pattern: “Can you see the ________”. The students presented their books to the class and took a lot of pride in their work. If they haven’t already, get them to read you the book they wrote last week. We sent it home in your child’s blue folder. Keep in mind that while the spelling may not be perfect, they are working very hard to use their letter sounds to spell independently.

Math – This week our focus in math was using base ten blocks (the yellow sticks of 10 and small cubes representing 1). The students built and identified numbers up to 20 using these blocks. We also looked at different ways to make ten (ten frame, base ten blocks, the number word, tallies).

Phonics/Writing/Centers – This week we reviewed the letter sounds Z, W, and Y. We wrote the letters F, J, and L.  We have been practicing our color words using games such as Sparkle and Flower Power. During center time we decoded a secret sentence using the first letter of picture symbols, we sorted uppercase/lowercase, practiced writing eachother’s names and mixed colors.



Unit of Inquiry – Our new PYP unit is all about communities! We discussed our jobs at home and at school as well as other people’s jobs around us. We introduced Classroom jobs! Some students will have a job for a week such as “Electrician” (turning the lights on/off), “Calendar Captain”, “Line Leader”, etc. The kids were excited about this and the ones who had a job this week took it quite seriously. The jobs will change every week and some weeks your child will be “on vacation” meaning they don’t have a specific job but they’re of course still expected to help out when possible. We also set up a new Inquiry area – The Vet Clinic! Each day during Free Inquiry I will pick one center group to role play in the vet clinic.

Thank you and have a great weekend!