**Conference Reminder**

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Hi everyone!

If you haven’t already, please sign up for a conference time for this Wednesday OR Thursday.
Here is the link that explains the process:
Student Led Conference Letter to Parents

Just a few things to keep in mind for the conferences:






  • DO NOT ASK THE “TEACHER” ABOUT YOUR STUDENTS PROGRESS (if you want to set up a one-on-one interview, we can do so for another time not during SLCs.)

Important Notes and Weekly Review

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Hi everyone! There’s a lot going on so it’s a wordy post this week!

Important notes:

Sightword assessments: I have done about half of the students’ assessments and they have their old and new sightword list in their folders. If you do not have one, don’t worry…I will be assessing the other students and you will see the sightlists by the end of next week. Again, if you misplace it or don’t see it in your child’s folder, please contact me and I’ll give you another copy.

Book Fair: We will be going to the book fair as a class on Tuesday. If you want, you can send money in the envelope we sent home and they can get the books when we go together. You are also more than welcome to shop at the book fair at pickup time or on Wednesday (Conference Day).

Note from Elementary Art

Elementary Arts Alive Display

April 19 – May 3, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the elementary arts alive is officially on view! Our KG2 – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby.

Due to the large number of students, only one artwork per student was chosen to be displayed. Parents are encouraged to collect the rest of their child’s art portfolio from the art room during Student Led Conferences.

Enjoy all the amazing art!

Exhibition Project: A grade 5 group has chosen KG2 to help them collect cat food for homeless cats in the area. They are doing a competition amongst the classes to see which class can bring the most in order to win a donut party. See the poster they’ve made below:
Cat Food Drive

Weekly review:

Language: We have started new reading and writing units! For Writer’s Workshop we have started learning how to write “How-to” pieces. We have brainstormed things that we know a lot about and could teach others how to do using a step-by-step process. For Reader’s Workshop we have been learning about what and Avid Reader is. We know that avid readers pay attention to the book, find places everywhere to read, and feel what the characters are feeling. It is our goal to be avid readers and we already have quite a few in our class!

Math: We have been introduced to subtraction by using number lines and counting objects. We are also realizing the difference between adding and subtracting. The class had a lot of fun subtracting with fruitloops!

UOI: Our field trip to Al Mamzar beach was a lot of fun and the kids were talking about it so much the day after – they truly had a great time! We have started out new unit: Books Alive. We shared our ideas on how we care for books and thought about the different kinds of books we can read… our central idea is that books can inform and entertain us. Using If You Give a Mouse a Cookie we explored the terms fiction and non-fiction by sorting pictures of silly mice and real mice.


Sightword List

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Hi everyone,

If any of you no longer have your child’s latest sightword list, please email me directly and I’ll get it to you.We had sent the last list home a couple months ago so I totally understand that they get lost, etc. Just as students have various reading levels, we also have various sightword levels. If a sightword list is shared from another parent, it might not necessarily be your child’s sightwords so it is best if you contact me so you can get the correct list for your child.  I have begun assessing the sightwords for some students today (they are doing great!!) and, if your child has successfully read most of their old sightwords, I will send your child’s new sightword list home next week. If for some reason, it is not in your child’s folder by the end of next week, let me know and I will get you a copy as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding,


Student Led Conference Clarification

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Hi everyone,

Just want to make sure you all know that next Wednesday and Thursday there will be no school, however, your child needs to attend your scheduled conference with you. The point of these conferences is for the kids to show you their work and activities. This will not be a one-on-one interview with me, but you are more than welcome to schedule another time outside of the Student Led Conference days to meet with me to discuss any concerns you might have. If you have any questions, please let me know :).

Have a good night,

Important Notes & Week Review

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Hi everyone!

A couple notes:
*Sunday is our field trip. Please make sure you read the letter sent home yesterday. Your child will NOT be swimming at the beach but they most likely will get quite wet so please make sure to send an entire change of clothes.  IF your child would like to, they may bring sand toys (ex: sand castle builders, shovels, etc), however, please understand that it is their responsibility to take care of their belongings.

**It is starting to get hot out so please make sure your child has a hat to wear outside for recess.

Week in review

Math – before moving onto subtraction, this week we reviewed important concepts such as base ten, number ordering, and basic addition recall.

Language – For Reader’s Workshop our focus was to *think* about what we read and make sure we are following what the author is trying to say. If we feel confused, go back and read the page again and see if maybe a word was skipped or read incorrectly. In Writer’s Workshop we wrote about our field trip to the aquarium and we made an organizer with information on our favorite habitat. Our phonics focus was beginning blends with “L” (CLip, SLip, FLip, etc).

UOI – This week we wrapped up our unit on habitats. We learned about the different parts of the ocean and the animals that live there (ex: fish that glow live near the bottom of the ocean where it is dark and the lightest part of the ocean is at the top where the most sun gets through). We also studied sharks and learned many interesting facts about them. The class made Shark Fact Attack crafts.

Field Trip Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone,

It’s so nice to be back and to hear all about everyone’s break! I hope you all had a great time!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our field trip to the Dubai Aquarium! Lunch will be provided but please send snacks as they will have their usual snack time before we leave. We will be leaving at 915am.

Thank you,

Thank you!! (Week in Review)

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed the performance!  Thank you SO much for coming. The kids were super excited to perform for you all and show off their fancy frames.

Just a reminder that when we return from the break, we will have a field trip on Monday, April 9th to the aquarium. We will be eating lunch there so no need to pack a lunch.

Week in review

This week we wrote about our moms! The students used describing words to talk about who their mom is. We also did a “Crack the Code” writing piece where the kids had to use a special number to letter code to find out the secret question (which was “What is your favorite ocean animal and why?”) and then they answered the question. For Reader’s Workshop our focus was on making sure the number of words we are reading matches the number of words on the page. Sometimes we are quick to finish the page without realizing we didn’t read each word that is written.

We continued with addition with a focus on addition stories. The students illustrated addition problems and counted the total to get the sum.

We kept observing our beans (they sprouted…yay!) and recorded our findings in our Inquiry books. We also took a look at animal’s shelters. We learned about how some animals build their own homes while others take theirs with them (ex: turtles, snails and other animals with shells. Our focus was more on ocean habitats as we compared and contrasted various ocean animals to each other. We discovered that many ocean animals have very cool ways to protect themselves such as the puffer fish who can make himself big and scary to predators and the octopus who can squirt ink to make it hard for the predator to see them.

I really do hope you all have a lovely Spring Break. I know some of you are travelling so I wish you safe travels! My mom will be visiting Dubai for the first time and I am VERY excited to show her around and spend time with her! I look forward to all the students’ stories about their break upon our return!

Best regards,