IMPORTANT: Cafeteria Food Purchase on Monday!

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KG2 will have the opportunity to prepare for grade 1 by purchasing their own lunch in the cafeteria on Monday. This is not mandatory but it will give them an idea of what it will be like in the cafeteria to make food choices and buy their own lunch next year (and it will be fun for them!).

Lunch will cost 12 dirhams and we would like to collect the money beforehand. They kids will not be paying – we will give them money to the cafeteria as a whole group.

The children will get a choice of rice or pasta (plain or with red sauce), along with:

  • salad
  • piece of chicken
  • box of juice
           There will NOT be any other options.
Again, you certainly do not have to buy and children may bring their lunch from home instead (especially if your child doesn’t like rice of pasta).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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