THANK YOU! (Weekly Review)

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Hi everyone,

What a great day we had! Thank you so much for coming to see our show!

Important notes:

1) We will have a “Moving Up” day on Tuesday. Our class will go with Ms Marilyn to the grade 1 classes to get a little glimpse into first grade life :). I will be in my class meeting my future KG1 students. Please make sure your child arrives on time as they will be going to grade 1 at 8:15am. It should last just a bit over an hour or so.

2) Next week I will be doing PM reading assessments as well as checking sight words.

3) We will return to normal schedule after Eid.

4) Please let me know if your child will not be returning to school after Eid. I am about to start our final reports and I need to assess a few things before your child leaves for summer.

5) IF your child did not bring their library book back, they can do so next week to avoid paying fees.

Weekly review:

Language: We are still working on “How To” writing.  We realized how important it is to write for your readers and how it can really help the reader when you write directly to them by using the word “you” before giving instructions. As we will be checking sight words next week, we have been practicing reading and writing them quite a bit!

UOI: The kids have been loving Mo Willems’ books so we’ve integrated them into Writer’s Workshop as well math! We focused on the story “My Friend is Sad”. The students wrote about what they would do if their friend was sad and also filled in speech bubbles with phrases they would use on a sad friend to cheer them up.

Math: Seeing as the class has done so well with counting by 10s, we did a bit of counting by 5s. We sang a song to help us, played a game and completed an ordering activity. We also reviewed surveying using a graph. The students had to vote on whether or not they would let Pigeon from Mo Willem’s “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” actually drive the bus if he asked them. After voting, we asked everyone else and graphed our results.

Have a great weekend!


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