Weekly Review

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Hi everyone,

Another week has flown by! Hard to believe June is here!! The class did their MAP testing this week and they were so focused! It was really neat to see how much more confident they were this time around.

We are diving into analyzing the content of our books that we choose for Reader’s Workshop. After reading our books with our partner, we discussed the similarities and differences we could find in our books.

Stemming off from last week, we continued writing our own stories, however, this week we collaborated with a partner to complete the illustrations. After your child wrote their book, they discussed what they wrote with their partner. The partner then made the illustrations to go along with the words.

We reviewed base 10 blocks by creating various numbers from 11-50 using the blocks. We also reviewed counting groups up to 20 in various arrangements, writing the number and ordering from least to greatest.

We have continued with Mo Willems with a focus on his Elephant and Piggie Stories. We read “I Love My New Toy” and wrote about a toy that is important in our lives (what it does, why we love it, who we play with).