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Hi everyone,

I have finished assessing all sightwords and you should have your new list at home now :).

Swimming will be Monday and Wednesday again this week.

Here is a glimpse into our busy week!

Reader’s Workshop: As avid readers, we learned about how important it is to block out distractions so that we can focus on our work. We practiced giving our full attention to what we were reading regardless of the craziness that might be going on around us. We also set up “Reading Playdates” where the students picked a book for their reading partner based on their partner’s likes/interests and read it together.

Writer’s Workshop: We continued on writing How-To books by writing our own “How to Make Fruit Punch” book for Ms Daramola’s class. After spending a few days preparing our instructions, we actually made the punch and had a picnic with KG2TD. They also made us a snack with a “How to” book.

Math: Our focus is still subtraction and we are learning how to solve word problems. After reading the word problems, we drew out the problem, used a number line and then wrote the number sentence. On Thursday we made our own word problems!

UOI: This week was all about Robert Munsch! Given that our unit is Books Alive, we will do an author study using various authors each week. We started with my favorite – Munsch! We read Aaron’s Hair and did a craft with a writing piece explaining what would happen if our hair ran away from us. We also learned about how fiction books have a beginning, middle, and end. We read The Paper Bag Princess and sorted the plot into beginning, middle, and end.

Have a great weekend!

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