Important Notes & Week Review

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Hi everyone!

A couple notes:
*Sunday is our field trip. Please make sure you read the letter sent home yesterday. Your child will NOT be swimming at the beach but they most likely will get quite wet so please make sure to send an entire change of clothes.  IF your child would like to, they may bring sand toys (ex: sand castle builders, shovels, etc), however, please understand that it is their responsibility to take care of their belongings.

**It is starting to get hot out so please make sure your child has a hat to wear outside for recess.

Week in review

Math – before moving onto subtraction, this week we reviewed important concepts such as base ten, number ordering, and basic addition recall.

Language – For Reader’s Workshop our focus was to *think* about what we read and make sure we are following what the author is trying to say. If we feel confused, go back and read the page again and see if maybe a word was skipped or read incorrectly. In Writer’s Workshop we wrote about our field trip to the aquarium and we made an organizer with information on our favorite habitat. Our phonics focus was beginning blends with “L” (CLip, SLip, FLip, etc).

UOI – This week we wrapped up our unit on habitats. We learned about the different parts of the ocean and the animals that live there (ex: fish that glow live near the bottom of the ocean where it is dark and the lightest part of the ocean is at the top where the most sun gets through). We also studied sharks and learned many interesting facts about them. The class made Shark Fact Attack crafts.