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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed the performance!  Thank you SO much for coming. The kids were super excited to perform for you all and show off their fancy frames.

Just a reminder that when we return from the break, we will have a field trip on Monday, April 9th to the aquarium. We will be eating lunch there so no need to pack a lunch.

Week in review

This week we wrote about our moms! The students used describing words to talk about who their mom is. We also did a “Crack the Code” writing piece where the kids had to use a special number to letter code to find out the secret question (which was “What is your favorite ocean animal and why?”) and then they answered the question. For Reader’s Workshop our focus was on making sure the number of words we are reading matches the number of words on the page. Sometimes we are quick to finish the page without realizing we didn’t read each word that is written.

We continued with addition with a focus on addition stories. The students illustrated addition problems and counted the total to get the sum.

We kept observing our beans (they sprouted…yay!) and recorded our findings in our Inquiry books. We also took a look at animal’s shelters. We learned about how some animals build their own homes while others take theirs with them (ex: turtles, snails and other animals with shells. Our focus was more on ocean habitats as we compared and contrasted various ocean animals to each other. We discovered that many ocean animals have very cool ways to protect themselves such as the puffer fish who can make himself big and scary to predators and the octopus who can squirt ink to make it hard for the predator to see them.

I really do hope you all have a lovely Spring Break. I know some of you are travelling so I wish you safe travels! My mom will be visiting Dubai for the first time and I am VERY excited to show her around and spend time with her! I look forward to all the students’ stories about their break upon our return!

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