Thank you!! (Week in Review)

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed the performance!  Thank you SO much for coming. The kids were super excited to perform for you all and show off their fancy frames.

Just a reminder that when we return from the break, we will have a field trip on Monday, April 9th to the aquarium. We will be eating lunch there so no need to pack a lunch.

Week in review

This week we wrote about our moms! The students used describing words to talk about who their mom is. We also did a “Crack the Code” writing piece where the kids had to use a special number to letter code to find out the secret question (which was “What is your favorite ocean animal and why?”) and then they answered the question. For Reader’s Workshop our focus was on making sure the number of words we are reading matches the number of words on the page. Sometimes we are quick to finish the page without realizing we didn’t read each word that is written.

We continued with addition with a focus on addition stories. The students illustrated addition problems and counted the total to get the sum.

We kept observing our beans (they sprouted…yay!) and recorded our findings in our Inquiry books. We also took a look at animal’s shelters. We learned about how some animals build their own homes while others take theirs with them (ex: turtles, snails and other animals with shells. Our focus was more on ocean habitats as we compared and contrasted various ocean animals to each other. We discovered that many ocean animals have very cool ways to protect themselves such as the puffer fish who can make himself big and scary to predators and the octopus who can squirt ink to make it hard for the predator to see them.

I really do hope you all have a lovely Spring Break. I know some of you are travelling so I wish you safe travels! My mom will be visiting Dubai for the first time and I am VERY excited to show her around and spend time with her! I look forward to all the students’ stories about their break upon our return!

Best regards,

Important Notes

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Seeing as Spring break is just around the corner, things are a bit busy this week so thought I’d remind you of a few things.

TOMORROW (Wednesday) is library day so please make sure that your child brings their book back by then. If they brought an Arabic book home then they should have 2 books to bring back.

THURSDAY is our Mother’s Day performance AND a short day (dismissed at 12pm). We will still have lunch as we usually eat at 11am so please pack a lunch for your child. We will eat in our classroom.

As mentioned, if moms are unable to attend the performance on Thursday, someone else is welcome to come in their place to receive the gift on mom’s behalf and watch their show.

Thank you!

Weekly Review

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**Important notes for next week:
Thursday will be an early dismissal day. Our day will end at 12:00pm. It is also the day of our Mother’s Day celebration!

Wednesday will be library day since we will miss our original time on Thursday.

Also, starting this week students can take home Arabic books from the library! Students may bring ONE Arabic book and ONE English book. If your child brings home an Arabic book, please make sure that both books come back on library days. Here is Ms Leslie and Ms Rania reading a book about sharks in English AND Arabic:

Week in review:

Language: Our focus for writing has been to write for our readers. This entails making sure we check for mistakes, write nicely and also write interesting stories/information. For a couple of sessions, they had their partner draw the picture to match their writing. We also worked on revising our work. We are going back to our finished writing pieces and seeing if we can add more details to make our work even better. During our morning meetings, we focused on “ing” word endings. The students thought of many words that have “ing” in them and we played a couple of games to help us practice using it.

100 Day was a blast! We made crowns with 100 dots, danced to songs counting to 100, wrote about when we are 100 years old, played 100 game races, and made guesses about which jar had 100 objects.

We continued learning about different ways to make 10 using flower petals (one side of each petal had an addition fact and the other side had a ten frame to show our work). We also practiced doubles addition. We learned that if we know these facts by heart, it is easier to figure out other problems. For example, we know that 2+2 = 4 so we can figure out that 3+2=5 since it is only one more to add on.


This week we focused on plants. We discussed plant needs and compared them to our own needs. To help us gain a deeper understanding of plants, we planted our own bean sprout houses! They are up on our window and are already starting to grow! We have observing and recording their changes and will continue to do so over the next week.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Mother’s Day

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We will be sending invites to our Mother’s Day celebration tomorrow, however, I thought I’d put a little note on here as well. Our celebration will be on Thursday, March 22 at 8am in the cafeteria. We would love for all the moms to attend, however, we know that some of you might be unable to come so you are more than welcome to have someone else come (dad, nanny, grandparents, etc) to watch and receive the special gift they’ve made you. Also, your child may wear their dressy clothes on that day as it is a special occasion :).

Weekly Review

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Book week was absolutely wonderful! I loved seeing everyone all dressed up for Character Day – everyone looked great! We got to read at the beach AND the jungle (located in the sandpit and the high school library 😉 ).

Reminder: Next week on TUESDAY will be 100 Day.

Language: We are still working on going over our work and editing to make good copies of our work. We have also been writing to share with our friends. After the students write in their book, they swap with their buddy to read it with them. This worked well to encourage them to write more neatly and also write about more interesting topics. They were proud to share their work. For Reader’s Workshop we focused on finding all the snapwords on our pages first and then taking our time with the tricky words. We realized that there are SO many snapwords/sightwords in our books that make it easier for us to read more fluently.

Math: We are exploring a variety of ways to solve addition problems. This week our focus was using number lines to add up to 12. We made Addition Ladybugs. The students could use up to 10 dots and make an addition sentence by placing dots on both wings and counting them together.

UOI: We are learning about the different coverings for animals and discussed why they have them. After noticing the differences, students picked a picture of an animal covering and labelled it on their poster. We read Cactus Hotel and learned about how animals use the ground and cacti for their habitats for protection from the heat, sun, and predators.

Enjoy your weekend!

100 Day & IXL Reminder

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Hi everyone!

Next week (Tuesday, March 13th) we will celebrate our 100th day in KG2! I have sent a letter home asking for your child to bring in 100 of something. Just to be clear, it does not have to be something edible. It can be beads, cereal, stickers, or anything else you can think of that you can collect 100 of. It’s hard to believe we are already approaching 100 days of school – it should be a fun day!

Just wanted to remind you that your child has access to IXL – an awesome program for both math AND language. Yesterday, Ms Hanna came to our class to present certificates to some of the students who have been using the program as a way to encourage other class members to do the same. If you have lost your password please let me know and I will get it for you.

Have a great day!

Twinkle & Kareem accepting their Language IXL Certificates


Alex, Abdul Raheem, and Twinkle accepting their Math IXL Certificates