Happy New Year!!

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I hope you all had a lovely winter holiday! It really was nice to be back to the classroom after a 3 week break and it was awesome to see the kids come back with great enthusiasm! They did a great job of settling in right away and they were eager to learn and take part in activities. We had a busy but fun week!


This week in Reader’s Workshop we started making Snap Words. These are words that we find more than once in a book. We are working on remembering these words so that we don’t have to take the time sounding out each letter when we see them. The class came up with a huge list of Snapwords such as this, the, at, is, and you. When we find a snapword we use these steps: look, read, spell, write it and then read it out once more. On Wednesday we tried writing our words in fancy letters so that we spend more time looking at the spelling of the word.

We started learning the digraphs ch, sh, and th. We sorted out words with these sounds and played BINGO and freeze dance games to practice them.


We focused on doctors and being healthy! Ask your child about how germs spread! We did an experiment showing how they spread using glitter. Some students dipped their hands in glitter and shook hands with others showing just how fast and easily germs spread from body to body. We finished by taking lots of time to make sure that we wash our hands all over!


We worked with 3D shapes and learned their names as well as their attributes. The students sorted 3D shapes by the faces they saw on each shape (ex: a pyramid has a square face). After learning about spheres, cubes, cones, cuboids, pyramids, and cylinders we made predictions about which shapes would roll and then carried out the experiment as a class to check out predictions.

Have a fabulous weekend!