Week in Review

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We had a short but sweet week in KG2MM! I can’t believe we are already going in to our last week before holidays! Seems like we just started the schoolyear!

**LIBRARY: Our library day will be changed to Wednesday this week since we will be dismissed early on Thursday. So please return the book by Wednesday.
Thursday is a short day (done at 12:00) but we will eat lunch in the cafeteria as usual since KG2 does not buy lunch.

Here is a recap of what we have been up to this past week:

UOI – We are still working away at our Community Helpers unit. Our job focus this week was Police Officers and the various tasks/tools/vehicles that apply to them. We had a blast playing charades with community helper job names.

Language – In center time we played a a CVC card word game and I saw some lovely progress in everyone’s reading skills! Those that were flying through the CVC words were challenged to spell them out loud without looking. For writing I gave them free choice one day and then we wrote pattern sentences using describing words for our friend. We have noticed that the class is paying more attention to detail especially in regards to spacing.  In Reader’s Workshop we learned about using Sound Power – making sure we look at the letters in the word to make sure they match the picture. For example, when we saw a picture of a beetle on the page, we checked to make sure the word started with a b and not a c for cockroach.

Math – We continued with 2-D shapes and began using position vocabulary. We learned about rhombuses and trapezoids. I dumped a big box of shapes on the carpet and the class raced to sort them by the number of sides. Before continuing on with our geometry unit, we learned about different words we use to describe position (in, on, under, in front, below, beside, etc). We sorted pictures according to their position and we drew a picture of a bunny with a sentence explaining its position (ex: the bunny is BESIDE the carrot).


Have a fantastic weekend!!