Our Week in KG2MM

Hi everyone!
Just a few reminders for next week:

-Wednesday is UAE Day AND National Dress Day (we now have 4 volunteers – thank you!!). We will be having fun activities during the day for the kids to take part in.

-There will be no school on Thursday, November 30th and Sunday, December 3rd.

-Please return the poem books this Sunday. They do not need to be returned on Wednesday as we will be quite busy for National Day and there’s no school on Thursday.


This week:

PYP – This week we continued our focus on our school community. In small groups the students were given the task to create the perfect school. They first planned out their school on paper and then were given materials to create their plan. It was so great to see the class collaborating effectively! We also discussed the importance of firefighters and brainstormed about their attributes and tasks.


Math – This was our last week for Counting and Cardinality. We reviewed previously learned concepts such as counting with base ten blocks and ten frames. We used clippers to match the amounts on ten frames and counted the total starting from 10.


Readers Workshop – We introduce two new super powers this week – Picture Power and Partner Power. Sometimes we run into tricky words (we call them our “kryptonite”) so we need to use our picture power to help us. While using picture power, it’s important to make sure the first letter of the word matches the first sound in the picture we see. Using our Partner Power, we worked in pairs to help each other out. One partner did the pointing, while the other partner read aloud.

Writer’s Workshop – After reading The Little Red Hen, we made our own versions of the book. Some students wrote about “The Little Pink Cat”, “The Little Orange Fox”, etc. The wrote the pattern “Who will _________? “’Not I” said _______”. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we also made turkey cards saying what we are thankful for.


Phonics – Q, U, V

Writing – W,Z, Y, X.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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