Summer Activity Ideas

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Hi everyone,

It’s so important to keep children engaged over long breaks so that they retain information and are more prepared for the next schoolyear. Here are some summer activities for students to do over the summer:


  1. READING and being READ to every day!

  2. Writing journal:  Make a summer writing journal and have the students write sentences about the fun activities they do every day.

  3. Websites for kids to use over the summer can be found here.

  4. Having time for physical play- running, jumping, climbing, swimming. ( is a great website for staying active inside when temperatures are hot).

  5. Make playdough together with your child (the recipe can be found here).

  6. Use blocks, puzzles, legos and playdough to build and create with.  Encourage your child to maintain focus on the activity for at least 20 minutes and tidy it up themselves afterwards.

  7. Coloring, cutting, painting, to create their own projects.

  8. Play-dates with other children.

  9. Stay on a good routine and schedule.

  10. For fine motor development: for information and ideas of how to work with your child, click here.

  11. Practice Dolch sight word list- Find the list here.   Practice reading and spelling the words in a fun way. Some examples are found here.

  12. If you are interested in practice worksheets, you can find a good packet here (you will need to purchase, download and print it yourself).



Reading Levels and Thursday Dismissal

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Hi everyone,

How crazy is it that there are only 2 days left of the school year!? Here are a couple things to note:

Thursday Dismissal:
If your child is leaving by car on Thursday, please come to pick them up for 11:20am. IF your child will not be coming Thursday, please let me know if you haven’t already – we want to make sure we get to say proper goodbyes :).

Reading Levels:
I will be sending home reading certificates that indicate your child’s reading PM reading level. If your child will not be returning for the remainder of the week, please email me and I’ll send you their level via email. We are currently using PM Benchmark assessments. The level is reflective of how well they could read the book as well as their comprehension of what they read. It is the expectation is that KG2 students can read between levels 5-8. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know.

We’ve been talking as a class about how important it is to keep our brain working over the summer by reading often so my hope is that they will find some awesome books during vacation to keep them entertained and prepare them for grade 1!

Many thanks,

IMPORTANT: Cafeteria Food Purchase on Monday!

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KG2 will have the opportunity to prepare for grade 1 by purchasing their own lunch in the cafeteria on Monday. This is not mandatory but it will give them an idea of what it will be like in the cafeteria to make food choices and buy their own lunch next year (and it will be fun for them!).

Lunch will cost 12 dirhams and we would like to collect the money beforehand. They kids will not be paying – we will give them money to the cafeteria as a whole group.

The children will get a choice of rice or pasta (plain or with red sauce), along with:

  • salad
  • piece of chicken
  • box of juice
           There will NOT be any other options.
Again, you certainly do not have to buy and children may bring their lunch from home instead (especially if your child doesn’t like rice of pasta).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards,

Tomorrow’s KG2 Party

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Tomorrow is our KG2 End of Year Celebration! Thank you so much for bringing in chips or cookies. Tomorrow afternoon the kids will get to free flow throughout all of the KG2 classes to play and hang out with friends from other classes. We will set up a buffet of party food. Your child can dress down for the party if they want – uniforms are not required for tomorrow.

Thank you,

THANK YOU! (Weekly Review)

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Hi everyone,

What a great day we had! Thank you so much for coming to see our show!

Important notes:

1) We will have a “Moving Up” day on Tuesday. Our class will go with Ms Marilyn to the grade 1 classes to get a little glimpse into first grade life :). I will be in my class meeting my future KG1 students. Please make sure your child arrives on time as they will be going to grade 1 at 8:15am. It should last just a bit over an hour or so.

2) Next week I will be doing PM reading assessments as well as checking sight words.

3) We will return to normal schedule after Eid.

4) Please let me know if your child will not be returning to school after Eid. I am about to start our final reports and I need to assess a few things before your child leaves for summer.

5) IF your child did not bring their library book back, they can do so next week to avoid paying fees.

Weekly review:

Language: We are still working on “How To” writing.  We realized how important it is to write for your readers and how it can really help the reader when you write directly to them by using the word “you” before giving instructions. As we will be checking sight words next week, we have been practicing reading and writing them quite a bit!

UOI: The kids have been loving Mo Willems’ books so we’ve integrated them into Writer’s Workshop as well math! We focused on the story “My Friend is Sad”. The students wrote about what they would do if their friend was sad and also filled in speech bubbles with phrases they would use on a sad friend to cheer them up.

Math: Seeing as the class has done so well with counting by 10s, we did a bit of counting by 5s. We sang a song to help us, played a game and completed an ordering activity. We also reviewed surveying using a graph. The students had to vote on whether or not they would let Pigeon from Mo Willem’s “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” actually drive the bus if he asked them. After voting, we asked everyone else and graphed our results.

Have a great weekend!


Library Books Due Tomorrow

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Tomorrow all library books must be returned. Please make sure your child brings their book tomorrow to return. We will still be going to the library weekly but we will no longer be checking out books.

See you at the show in room 300 at 9am tomorrow morning! Again, your child is welcome to wear their fancy clothes tomorrow!

Thank you,

Sightword Assessment

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Hi everyone,

Believe it or not…there are only 4 school weeks left! That means that we are gathering all of our year end assessments. Next week I will begin assessing sightwords. We have been practicing in class but it would be good to read through them at home a bit as well. Please keep in mind that students are on different lists so if you do not have your list, please contact me and I’ll be sure to get you the correct list.

Many thanks,

Weekly Review

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Hi everyone,

Another week has flown by! Hard to believe June is here!! The class did their MAP testing this week and they were so focused! It was really neat to see how much more confident they were this time around.

We are diving into analyzing the content of our books that we choose for Reader’s Workshop. After reading our books with our partner, we discussed the similarities and differences we could find in our books.

Stemming off from last week, we continued writing our own stories, however, this week we collaborated with a partner to complete the illustrations. After your child wrote their book, they discussed what they wrote with their partner. The partner then made the illustrations to go along with the words.

We reviewed base 10 blocks by creating various numbers from 11-50 using the blocks. We also reviewed counting groups up to 20 in various arrangements, writing the number and ordering from least to greatest.

We have continued with Mo Willems with a focus on his Elephant and Piggie Stories. We read “I Love My New Toy” and wrote about a toy that is important in our lives (what it does, why we love it, who we play with).