THANK YOU! (Weekly Review)

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Hi everyone,

What a great day we had! Thank you so much for coming to see our show!

Important notes:

1) We will have a “Moving Up” day on Tuesday. Our class will go with Ms Marilyn to the grade 1 classes to get a little glimpse into first grade life :). I will be in my class meeting my future KG1 students. Please make sure your child arrives on time as they will be going to grade 1 at 8:15am. It should last just a bit over an hour or so.

2) Next week I will be doing PM reading assessments as well as checking sight words.

3) We will return to normal schedule after Eid.

4) Please let me know if your child will not be returning to school after Eid. I am about to start our final reports and I need to assess a few things before your child leaves for summer.

5) IF your child did not bring their library book back, they can do so next week to avoid paying fees.

Weekly review:

Language: We are still working on “How To” writing.  We realized how important it is to write for your readers and how it can really help the reader when you write directly to them by using the word “you” before giving instructions. As we will be checking sight words next week, we have been practicing reading and writing them quite a bit!

UOI: The kids have been loving Mo Willems’ books so we’ve integrated them into Writer’s Workshop as well math! We focused on the story “My Friend is Sad”. The students wrote about what they would do if their friend was sad and also filled in speech bubbles with phrases they would use on a sad friend to cheer them up.

Math: Seeing as the class has done so well with counting by 10s, we did a bit of counting by 5s. We sang a song to help us, played a game and completed an ordering activity. We also reviewed surveying using a graph. The students had to vote on whether or not they would let Pigeon from Mo Willem’s “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” actually drive the bus if he asked them. After voting, we asked everyone else and graphed our results.

Have a great weekend!


Library Books Due Tomorrow

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Tomorrow all library books must be returned. Please make sure your child brings their book tomorrow to return. We will still be going to the library weekly but we will no longer be checking out books.

See you at the show in room 300 at 9am tomorrow morning! Again, your child is welcome to wear their fancy clothes tomorrow!

Thank you,

Sightword Assessment

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Hi everyone,

Believe it or not…there are only 4 school weeks left! That means that we are gathering all of our year end assessments. Next week I will begin assessing sightwords. We have been practicing in class but it would be good to read through them at home a bit as well. Please keep in mind that students are on different lists so if you do not have your list, please contact me and I’ll be sure to get you the correct list.

Many thanks,

Weekly Review

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Hi everyone,

Another week has flown by! Hard to believe June is here!! The class did their MAP testing this week and they were so focused! It was really neat to see how much more confident they were this time around.

We are diving into analyzing the content of our books that we choose for Reader’s Workshop. After reading our books with our partner, we discussed the similarities and differences we could find in our books.

Stemming off from last week, we continued writing our own stories, however, this week we collaborated with a partner to complete the illustrations. After your child wrote their book, they discussed what they wrote with their partner. The partner then made the illustrations to go along with the words.

We reviewed base 10 blocks by creating various numbers from 11-50 using the blocks. We also reviewed counting groups up to 20 in various arrangements, writing the number and ordering from least to greatest.

We have continued with Mo Willems with a focus on his Elephant and Piggie Stories. We read “I Love My New Toy” and wrote about a toy that is important in our lives (what it does, why we love it, who we play with).

End of Year Celebration

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We have been practicing and we are ready to put on a great performance to celebrate the end of KG2! Parents are welcome to join us to celebrate! We will be starting the show at 9am on June 7th in room 300. It will last approximately 30-40 mins. If you aren’t able to come, you are welcome to send grandparents/nanny/etc in your place to take pictures and show support.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Thank you,

More Important Notes and Last Week’s Review

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Hi everyone,
My apologies! I had this all typed out last Thursday and never hit “publish”! I’ve made adjustments so it makes sense for today haha!

**PTSO is collecting food to donate to others for Ramadan. If you would like to, your child can bring in a non-perishable food item (bag of rice, oil, macaroni, canned food, etc.,) to place in our donation box.

**PE is finished and we will begin art this week.

**There is an all school Iftar on Wed., May 30th at 6:15 pm in the school Cafeteria. You and your family are welcome to bring a dish and share with others

Here’s a glimpse of our week (last week):
Now that we are coming close to the end of the school year we will be reviewing and continuing on from previously learned concepts. We played games and did activities to practice fast facts for addition and subtraction.

Reader’s Workshop:
This week our focus was creating book clubs! We sorted all of our folder books into 4 different topics of interest: people, animals, bugs, and world. Each day students got to pick which book club they wanted to participate in.

Writer’s Workshop:
Linking with our Books Alive unit for UOI, this week we worked really hard to write and illustrate our own original stories. We made a story map to plan out our setting, characters, and plot (beginning, middle, and end) then we put it all together in our mini books.

Our author study was Mo Willems! The kids absolutely loved reading his Pigeon books. We studied Mo’s use of speech bubbles and practiced using them ourselves. We will continue our Mo Willems study next week with his other series “Elephant and Piggie”.

Just a reminder that we will have MAP testing on May 29th and 30th.

Important to Note – MAP and End of Year Celebration

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Hi everyone,

We have started practicing for our End of Year Celebration. Each child has a line to say for the performance. I have sent home your child’s line in their folders today. When they have time, please have them practice their lines. It would be great if they could have them memorized by Sunday with a nice big voice.

MAP testing for our class will be May 29th and 30th. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time.

Thank you,

Important to Note (End of Year Celebration and Ramadan info)

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Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you to all the parents who helped to throw an awesome Ramadan party – the kids had a blast for sure!

Just a couple important things to note:

We will be having an End of Year celebration on Thursday June 7th at 9am. The students will sing songs and celebrate their completion of kindergarten.

Homework: There will be no homework during Ramadan


Ramadan – Things you need to know

  • School begins at 8:00 am (bell at 7:50)
  • KG2 car riders picked up at 12:50
  • KG2 bus children put on buses at 12:55
  • We will have one recess and one set eating time
  • Children will have the option to eat again during playtime at the end of the day if they are hungry.
  • We will eat lunch in the classroom, not the cafeteria so they will not have a microwave available to them.
  • A plan has been set in place by the school for indoor recess once the temperature gets too hot.
  • KG2 children will be allowed to drink water outside and, in the classroom, as usual.
  • Please try your best to be on time to pick your child up at the end of the day. With the entire school being dismissed at the same time it is going to be very crowded and hectic.
  • Swimming is finished. We will have regular PE, some taking place in the classroom. We will begin Art on May 24th.
  • We will still cover all of our subjects, however there will be some shifts in the time that we do them. We will alternate Arabic and Islamic/or skills club every other day.