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Math unit 6 (division)

In the math unit six i was very confused for half of the time but then i got the hang of it so we did division 2,3,4 digit by 1 digit

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Unit 5 math

You learned: 1. double-digit multiplication 2. Estimation 3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts 4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch 5. Writing number sentences and solving them 6. Number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple step It was hard to do … Continue reading

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Intro to decimals

I see decimals in money, store, time, calculator 4 examples of decimals are -In money $12.16 cents -In the store when you are weighing -In time 20.13 minutes -In math I think we should learn decimals not to get out … Continue reading

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