Animal Research Project on Polar bears

Malak’s research project on



When I presented to the 3 year olds I had to explain to them at their level and try to occupy them and use easier words but also changed my voice and let them understand some facts.


When I went to the 2nd graders I used harder words (but still at their level) and I tried to let them copy what I said It was easier to present to them then to present to the 3 year olds.


Last I presented to the 7th graders they were the easiest because I could use hard vocab words and they would understand and I did not have to change my voice like I had to for the 3 year olds.

It was hard to find good websites and to present to the 3 year olds

It was easy to get facts and to present to the 7th graders

I learned that research is not that hard once you get the hang of it


I think we did this to get ready for exhibition and for the energy summit


Pictures of my project

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