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It’s about this boy who is a troublemaker he invents the word frindle in the beginning it is funny but when it goes worldwide I don’t think so anymore I like that is funny but also very interesting. I rate … Continue reading

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Unit 5 math

You learned: 1. double-digit multiplication 2. Estimation 3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts 4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch 5. Writing number sentences and solving them 6. Number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple step It was hard to do … Continue reading

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Energy Summit

How do wind-up toys get energy to move   My project was how do wind-up toys get energy to move so I decided to make something called a powtoon it is basically an animation video. It was hard to find … Continue reading

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Opinion Writing

Opinion writing is when someone shares their opinion in writing. An opinion is when someone says “dogs are the best” a fact is when someone says”Ice cream is cold” ext. It was hard to get enough ideas to fill up … Continue reading

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Moral Education

Stereotyping is when someone says this is for boys or this is for girls for example soccer is for boys or barbies are for girls. It is important to keep yourself your clothes and your home clean so people can … Continue reading

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Unit 4 Math

I learned about decimals and their places and measuring to the nearest one-eighth inch and how to add and subtract decimals. It was hard to understand decimals like 1 tenth 2 hundredths and 3 thousandths it was easier to measure … Continue reading

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I learned that you have to change your advertisement depending on your audience and that advertisements change during the years. An advertisement is when you show someone about another store thing stuff ext.

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Animal Research Project on Polar bears

Malak‚Äôs research project on POLAR BEARS!!!   When I presented to the 3 year olds I had to explain to them at their level and try to occupy them and use easier words but also changed my voice and let … Continue reading

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