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Intro to decimals

I see decimals in money, store, time, calculator 4 examples of decimals are -In money $12.16 cents -In the store when you are weighing -In time 20.13 minutes -In math I think we should learn decimals not to get out … Continue reading

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Malak Mahmoud-4AT Feedback-4th grade & CAS

Stereotypes – Audience – Perception What did you learn? I learned that stereotypes will always be the same but it is your choice to change that. What did you like? I liked that the HS’s came to help us even … Continue reading

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Advertising: Reality vs Advertisment

The difference between reality and an advert is….. -How the food looks -If it flies (for toys) -When it talks A good advert has all the information it needs.Buy Me That! A Kids’ Survival Guide to TV Advertising (1989)¬†click this … Continue reading

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Advertising: Stereotypes Choosing Books

Today we went to the middle and high school library!!!! we went to figure out how to judge books if they are gender or gender neutral we also judged it by age. I liked how we learned about books and … Continue reading

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Unit 2 Lesson 1 Healthy Mind and Body

Lesson 1 Unit 2 -Healthy Mind and Body I stay healthy by…… -Drinking a lot of water -Playing sport -Eating healthy It is important to be healthy because……..I don’t want to look like thisbut I want to look like this…..

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