Sharjah Science Museum

We went on a field trip to Sharjah Science Museum we learned about solar energy and played in the exhibitions what I did NOT like was how we had to wait for 35 minutes to start

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Ancient Egypt with 7th graders

The day before yesterday we went to the secondary library and we played games based on ancient Egypt I liked how they all did different things some . did books some did board games

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The Amaze Race

While everyone was at camp the people who where staying here also had fun we made GAMES.

My partners were Alyaa and Rosa.

This is me and Rosa

My game is an obstacle course it uses paper, cups, rocks, boxes and tape we used only 5 things on purpose because we had to pretend we were in Africa.So thats what we did while others were at camp

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Roller Coasters and Energy

we did an experiment and learned about energy the experiment includes energy because of how it went from top to bottom

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Human heart

In class we learned about the human heart it is very interesting.

Here is what we did

we also felt our pulse it was cool  we counted how much it would beat in 30 seconds. Mine was 39 normal and 56 running.


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Intro to decimals

I see decimals in money, store, time, calculator

4 examples of decimals are

-In money $12.16 cents

-In the store when you are weighing

-In time 20.13 minutes

-In math

I think we should learn decimals not to get out smarted

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Malak Mahmoud-4AT Feedback-4th grade & CAS

Stereotypes – Audience – Perception

What did you learn?

I learned that stereotypes will always be the same but it is your choice to change that.

What did you like?

I liked that the HS’s came to help us even though we are smaller than them

What does this make you think?

It makes me think that there is no right or wrong answer

What does this have to do with advertisements?

To know the difference between girls and boys their interests and what they would like.

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Advertising: Reality vs Advertisment

The difference between reality and an advert is…..

-How the food looks

-If it flies (for toys)

-When it talks

A good advert has all the information it needs.Buy Me That! A Kids’ Survival Guide to TV Advertising (1989) click this link to see how kids react to reality vs ads.

So the conclusion is that reality is different than the advertisements!!!!!!

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Advertising: Stereotypes Choosing Books

Today we went to the middle and high school library!!!! we went to figure out how to judge books if they are gender or gender neutral we also judged it by age.

I liked how we learned about books and opinions 

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Unit 2 Lesson 1 Healthy Mind and Body

Lesson 1 Unit 2 -Healthy Mind and Body

I stay healthy by……

-Drinking a lot of water

-Playing sport

-Eating healthy

It is important to be healthy because……..I don’t want to look like thisbut I want to look like this…..

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