Living Museum

During the living museum I wore all black and used my mom’s makeup and used it on my face to look dirty I explained to them that I was Aida I was a matchgirl and how being a matchgirl is a dangerous job.

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During art we made things from Mexico like the sun and moon project we made things out of clay, we did things with water colors paint. This year of art was amazing!!!!!

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This year at music we have made compositions we did recorder karate (i made it until level 2 red belt) We also are doing a musical with xylophones, Drums, Cowbells/Agogos, Triangles ext.

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Math unit 6 (division)

In the math unit six i was very confused for half of the time but then i got the hang of it so we did division 2,3,4 digit by 1 digit

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In grammar we learned about……….

  • Run on sentences
  • Using prepositional phrases
  • Parts of speech
  • Regular and irregular plural nouns
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • ABC order
  • Reducing run on sentences
  • Fixing paragraphs and sentences
  • Plural possessive nouns
  • Quotations and commas
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Malala Rights,Violations and Responsibilities

Malala was a women who survived the Taliban attack she fought for her rights and other peoples rights to go to school she thought that everyone should get an education including girls because back in her city girls had to stay at home and help their moms.

She earned the Nobel Peace Award  just like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teressa and the Dialama.

My opinion in Malala is that she is AWESOME!!!!!

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It’s about this boy who is a troublemaker he invents the word frindle in the beginning it is funny but when it goes worldwide I don’t think so anymore

I like that is funny but also very interesting. I rate it for 4-6 graders

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Unit 5 math

You learned:
1. double-digit multiplication
2. Estimation
3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts
4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch
5. Writing number sentences and solving them
6. Number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple step
It was hard to do the measuring to the nearest one-eighth inch and it was easy to do double-digit multiplication
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Energy Summit

How do wind-up toys get energy to move


My project was how do wind-up toys get energy to move so I decided to make something called a powtoon it is basically an animation video.

It was hard to find good and reliable websites I can trust so I had to really dig deep in websites to find the answer. It was easy to actually make the powtoon because I look at my notes and make the powtoon. I learned that there is 2 types of energy used in a wind-up toy kinetic energy and potential energy. Next time I would make more slides on my powtoon.

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Opinion Writing

Opinion writing is when someone shares their opinion in writing.

An opinion is when someone says “dogs are the best” a fact is when someone says”Ice cream is cold” ext.

It was hard to get enough ideas to fill up a whole page and it was easier to get my idea.

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