Museam in Dubai Science

In the museam we made a car that get energy by the sun energy then me and my freand Yousaf made car get energy we went a room  .       we had the blue thing that . it get ernergy as you see the blue thing in the photo but it was small wwe had so so so so much fun in the museam there was a machin can give lightning

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Rollor Coster Energy

Rollor coster energy that get from sun energy

that get from sun energy because sun hit blue thing it can grt energy

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Human Heart

A Human heart is that win you . run very fast youer breth runs out and .I learn that people check there litill top of there hand so the can know about the breth.Peple check there neck to feel there breth the heart pomp


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Title feedback CAS and 4th Grade

Mohammad Amin

I had fun and I learn that neutral, boy,giril there was 1 giril then they other was neutral and I have fun with high school I want to know more boy and giril and neutral



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advertising:reality vs advert

  1. the diffrance about king buerger and KFC becuse it have diffrent company

adverts are the same as real life it looks better to sell things

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writing a good blog post or jorney entry

6 year they built Burj Khalif

they added rooms and food court

they put exercising room and built musal

when you visit Burj khalifa they parking youer car

it have163 floors and it cost 1.5 billion dollors


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Moral education leson 5 12/10/11

Stereotyping: i think that we are learning about this because we care about other people and ourselves and we know how to think by ourself about people

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 the book is about a kid makes  a boat but the author right the book for his brother it is about the boy who makes boat then it fall some where the big water it is  then he comes home he changed he makes a plane and jump arount the house

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lend in class

i larned in Mr finny class in out then in Ms tallbot class i larned prime number and vocabularyin in out  then we did math

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