Growing bean plants!

Does the type of liquid put on a bean plant affect the height?
Prediction: I think that changing the liquid will affect the bean plant height.
Step 1: put 1 cup of soil into a cup.
Step 2: place one bean seed1cm into the soil. Cover seed with soil.
Step 3: pour 1/4 cup of liquid on to the seed once a day.
* liquids used are :
Milk vinegar Miranda mango juice and red bull
Step 4: record plant height each day.

What can we observe? Day 1
The soil feels squishy.
The color is black and yellow.
We can’t see the roots.
The soil looks like a yellow ocean.
It smells like mango juice.


What can we observe? Day 2
The soil feels muddy, almost liquid.
The color is yellow and black mostly black.
We can’t see the roots because it’s so dark.
The soil looks like poop because of its shape.
It smells like mongo juice and soil.

What can we observe day 3
The soil feels solid like a rock.
The color is black and green.
We can’t see the roots because it’s so dark.
The soil looks like mountains.
The soil smells a bit like mango juice.

Things to change in next experiment.
Put in direct sunlight.
Observe for longer then 1 week.
Put less liquid.
Put liquids in the fridge.

The cat tail


I made a invention for noisy cats, because my cat meows way to early in the morning.
My invention stops him from mowing. It is called the Cat Tail!
I used a toy mouse blue string and a band.
People who have noisy cats would use this.
It works like a cat playing with its tail.
The hardest part was putting the materials together.
I tested it by putting it on my cats tail, and it worked!
My favorite part was thinking about the invention!!!