My Art class Project


Today I am very exsited to show you my art work!!!!!!

Here are some photos of my art work.

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.41 AM

This is my monster. I named him Joe. He is red and has a smushed eye.

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.42 AM #2

This is my ice cream cone I made out of paper its name is Red Attack!

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.42 AM

This is my sea animal I drew and its a sea turttle and I made it out of oil pastels.

I hope you liked my art work!

sea you next time!


Student Self-Reflection!


In forth grade this year the habits I do well are:  Turn in work on time, studies, uses planer, follows directions, uses class time productively, works well independently,

The habits I do sometimes are:

Do carful work, problem solver, ask questions, works in groups, communicate with students, 

I would like to improve on are:

Communicate with teachers,

I need some help with: paretic pates, is self advocate, exhibits self control, participates in classes

That’s it for now!