My field trip

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!!!!!!!
so I recently went on a field trip to a museum about the world!
So if you want to go to the museum the name is Crossroads of Civilization museum Dubai.
I saw a sword used to fight in wars, it was old and dusty.
The swords description did not say who made it or where it was made but the purpose for this is it was used in wars.
now I hoped you liked my blog so that is it

Harry potter S.W.B.B.S

Hi everyone guess what! I am doing a S.W.B.B.S for:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Someone: Harry potter

Wanted: Harry wanted to destroy Voldemort’s horxcs

Because: if he dose Voldemort will die

But: Voldemort will not let them destroy them

So: he fights Voldemort

so that’s the S.W.B.B.S for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 


My pen pal!

HI everyone today I will tell you about my pen pal!

So his name is Noah

he likes art and basketball and that’s all I know about him right now

I recently wrote to him but there is no answer yet I will keep you posted

about him so that’s all for now!  Bye