My buddy

My buddies name is Arash and he likes:
His favorite color is blue and silver.
His favorite activity is IT.
His favorite game is Godzilla smash 3.
His favorite food is spaghetti.
His favorite superhero is max steel.
He is from Palestine.
The flag of Palestine colors is red green white black.
Photo of Arash:

He is a good boy and learns a lot in class!

My culture

For my school culture project the country is called Canic.
We diced to combine candy and titanic to make Canic.
The rain deer can live in Canic because the temperature is good enough for it.
They would make their musical instruments out of wood because they live in the country.
In Canic they drink hot chocolate because it’s a bit colder than most country’s.
To know where is north south and all the others just say “never eat soggy worms.”
The tree is for the plants that grow there.
The rain/cloud is for the rainy weather.
The wheat is for the crops that grow there.
The yellow is for wheat that is grown there.


That’s all!

Steve cole

Steve cole is awesome!!!!!
He makes really awesome books that I can’t wait to read!
He came to U.A.S my school in the M.P.H and also 12 other schools came to see him.
He was so enthusiastic and he can jump so high!
He is my 2 favorite author and I am a huge difference him!
Photo of him:

He has a website called Steve
He is amazing and the way he creates book titles are by mixing 2 words together
That’s all for Steve cole
To se more go to