Depth and art

How I used depth?
I used depth by putting cars and buildings big and small and up and down.
I also put the Lusitania and the island were the Statue of Liberty is supposed be in the background.
Step1: Draw the Lusitania at the top of the page.
Step2: Draw as many cars as you want.
Step3: Draw some buildings in the middle of the page and one building needs to let people bord.
Step4: Draw a little island on top of the Lusitania.


Reflect unit 5 math

I found writing decimals difficult because their are tenths hundredths and thousandths.
I enjoyed doing number top it because it was fun and I got to be with my best friend (secret)
I learned abut decimals and numbers before 0.
(Sorry for short)

Science fair reflection

I had a great time at the science fair!
My experiment was will a baseball go further with baby powder on it?
I came up with this experiment because one of my team mates wasn’t throwing well so I decided
to do this experiment.
I found out that baby powder is slippery and made the baseball roll further.
My hypothesis was wrong.
My favorite part was deciding which powder I should use because there were so many powders I found difficult was making my experiment because at first I didn’t know what to do?
I would change baby powder and replace it with water next time.
I might try next time will a baseball go slower with sand on it?