Computer networks

How it works: Computer networks work by sending signals to each other by packages. If one cable is broken all of the networks fail.

Network comes in packages that don’t always make it because it is inappropriate or it falls of the cable if it is narrow.

Inventor: unknown

Price of network: $40.00

Computer networks go through oceans to get to us.

Thats it for now BYE!!!!!!






My Art class Project


Today I am very exsited to show you my art work!!!!!!

Here are some photos of my art work.

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.41 AM

This is my monster. I named him Joe. He is red and has a smushed eye.

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.42 AM #2

This is my ice cream cone I made out of paper its name is Red Attack!

Photo on 4-14-16 at 9.42 AM

This is my sea animal I drew and its a sea turttle and I made it out of oil pastels.

I hope you liked my art work!

sea you next time!


How to use a Protracter


Today I will tell you how to use a protractor!

(There should be a video but could not upload 🙁 )

So you put the middle of the protractor on the vertex then measure the lines and you need to no if it is a acute or obtuse.


Student Self-Reflection!


In forth grade this year the habits I do well are:  Turn in work on time, studies, uses planer, follows directions, uses class time productively, works well independently,

The habits I do sometimes are:

Do carful work, problem solver, ask questions, works in groups, communicate with students, 

I would like to improve on are:

Communicate with teachers,

I need some help with: paretic pates, is self advocate, exhibits self control, participates in classes

That’s it for now!



Fossils in the UAE

Hi everyone today we will tack about fossils in the UAE.

There are fossils in the UAE like a Tusked elephant and a bid crocodile.

These fossils where found in Abu Dhabi and the people who found the. Probably got rich.

So I hoped you enjoyed! See you later BYYYYYYYYE

Fantasy story

Hey there
welcome back to my blog!
to day I will tell you about my fantasy story 🙂
Cedred showsen is it.
Its about Cedred, Karl, and Kathy.
They are the main characters.
So Cedred seals master Bound but he fails and
master Bound evolves and then Cedred has a dual agents him and win by turning him to rock.
you happy? good


Welcome to day I will tell you about my UOI project
My team me Zac and Miguel we made the dart thrower.
it is an Aztec weapon to fight in wars.
it has a range of 150 meters.
we have a museum on the December 17th
hope to see you there