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living museum reflection

the living museum was fun and about 20 people came to me and I was sacagawea I thing her life is interesting.

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Division Unit 6

We learned how to do long division it was hard first but then it was easy after practicing.

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I think Malala is a good person she helped the world and girls that could not go to school I also think that she is a great row model for some people and she broke the law so girls can … Continue reading

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reflection sail boats

My project was easy to do and make but it was hard to find information in websites and hard to find facts when I was doing my project I had to go to library to get information and we went … Continue reading

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Unit 5 math reflection

I learned double-digit multiplication it was easy and learning number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple steps was hard I think i still need to work on estimation

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Moral Education Reflection

Stereotypes is when like girls like pink and boys like blue that is a stereotypes it is important to be clean so you don’t get sick human right are rights that humans believe it is important to look out for … Continue reading

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Math unit 4 reflection

I learned how to estimate and I learned about decimals unit 4 was easy and not hard I think we learned about decimals to help us in everything a decimal is a point I think I know how to measuring … Continue reading

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writing persuasive opinion pieces

An opinion writing is when you say your opinion in a writing the difference between a fact and a opinion is the the fact is true but an opinion is your thought your opinion writing can be about a sport … Continue reading

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Cas library lesson

I think it helped us because they know a lot of information and we put the book in the right pile by looking at the title

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When I did the advertisement for Baskin Robbins it taught me how to advertise something        

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