reflection sail boats

My project was easy to do and make but it was hard to find information in websites and hard to find facts when I was doing my project I had to go to library to get information and we went to the 7th graders to give us tips and to help us with it.


And while we did it we had to show the sources where we got it from and we had a calendar to tell us what we do on that day and after every day at the end of the day we write a reflection to see what we finished.


And when we made the visual we had to work for 2 to 3 days and on the presentation day a lot of people came parents teachers it was fun and I think learning a boat sailboats it very interesting. And a bit of information about how it moves is that a sailboat moves by its sail which is sideway and under the boat there’s a keel that is pushing the other side so then it goes straight and that is a information about how it moves


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