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Intro to decimals

I see decimals store on a calculator on money in restaurant I need to know what decimals are to help me with money

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genius hour

I searched about who created disney walt disney and roy o disney created disney  

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Feedback 4th grade and cas

I liked how we worked together. I leaned that anyone can do anything I think HS and ES can work together. I thing it is like what adds are for you thats why we did the books

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Adverting Reality vs Advert

In a add if it is a food they make it look healthy and fresh. And in adds they put kids cartoon to make them buy it. In toys they make it look like it works perfectly when you get … Continue reading

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Advertising Stereotypes choosing books

we saw what age and who would read the book we did this to see what books we choose I liked how some of the books were things we would read I wonder if the high schoolers and middle schoolers … Continue reading

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Moral Education unit two -healthy mind and body

I stay healthy by doing . sports        eat healthy .  wash  hands it is important to be health because you will not get sick you will be healthy you will feel good

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