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Moral Education lesson five

stereotype:Is when a lotĀ of people believeĀ in something but it is not so true I think we are leaning about stereotype because everyone can believe in the same thing.  

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Float by Daniel Miyares

plot; Their is a boy that was lonely and it was raining but then he found a home and in the pictures he was the only one color full him and his boat but it changed from boat to a … Continue reading

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Looking at maps-an introduction

We were writing about maps we wrote what we know and what is interesting about maps.

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Grammar-Prepositional Phrases and Nouns

When we did prepositional phrases and nouns we had to circle the noun and under line prepositional phrases and write the word.

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Math – whats my rule

We did whats my rule for math and in this math you have to add and subtract so you can get the answer it and their is a lot of ways to figure out the answer .

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Moral Education lesson 4 unit 1

Martin Luther King said a very imported speech called l have a dream and in the speech he mentioned what tolerance means and after he made a speech US became fair place.

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