living museum reflection

the living museum was fun and about 20 people came to me and I was sacagawea I thing her life is interesting.

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Division Unit 6

We learned how to do long division it was hard first but then it was easy after practicing.

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I think Malala is a good person she helped the world and girls that could not go to school I also think that she is a great row model for some people and she broke the law so girls can go to school and the person that was by her side all the time was her dad so her dad helped her a lot.    

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reflection sail boats

My project was easy to do and make but it was hard to find information in websites and hard to find facts when I was doing my project I had to go to library to get information and we went to the 7th graders to give us tips and to help us with it.


And while we did it we had to show the sources where we got it from and we had a calendar to tell us what we do on that day and after every day at the end of the day we write a reflection to see what we finished.


And when we made the visual we had to work for 2 to 3 days and on the presentation day a lot of people came parents teachers it was fun and I think learning a boat sailboats it very interesting. And a bit of information about how it moves is that a sailboat moves by its sail which is sideway and under the boat there’s a keel that is pushing the other side so then it goes straight and that is a information about how it moves


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Unit 5 math reflection

I learned double-digit multiplication it was easy and learning number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple steps was hard I think i still need to work on estimation

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Moral Education Reflection

Stereotypes is when like girls like pink and boys like blue that is a stereotypes it is important to be clean so you don’t get sick human right are rights that humans believe it is important to look out for yourself and other people so no one is sad or mad we can help other people by making sure they are not mad if we feel sick and lonely and sad we should tell someone it is important to learn how to help people so you can help them if their hurt we keep ourself safe by staying with your mom or dad or aunt or someone that you know to be safe if a stranger comes to you you should scream for help.

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Math unit 4 reflection

I learned how to estimate and I learned about decimals unit 4 was easy and not hard I think we learned about decimals to help us in everything a decimal is a point I think I know how to measuring by mm and cm and in I also think that I know how to add a subtract.

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writing persuasive opinion pieces

An opinion writing is when you say your opinion in a writing the difference between a fact and a opinion is the the fact is true but an opinion is your thought your opinion writing can be about a sport or a animal or something different in an opinion writing it is hard to make the reader like what you like or do what you do you persuasive people by putting facts.

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Cas library lesson

I think it helped us because they know a lot of information and we put the book in the right pile by looking at the title

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When I did the advertisement for Baskin Robbins it taught me how to advertise something





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