Moral Education lesson five

stereotype:Is when a lot of people believe in something but it is not so true

I think we are leaning about stereotype because everyone can believe in the same thing.


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Float by Daniel Miyares

plot; Their is a boy that was lonely and it was raining but then he found a home and in the pictures he was the only one color full him and his boat but it changed from boat to a airplane. The author only used pictures to show more information and  to see if the reader under stands. I like how first he was homeless and then he found a home.I would  change the end when the boy finds a home I would make every thing color full.


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Looking at maps-an introduction

We were writing about maps we wrote what we know and what is interesting about maps.

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Grammar-Prepositional Phrases and Nouns

When we did prepositional phrases and nouns we had to circle the noun and under line prepositional phrases and write the word.

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Math – whats my rule

We did whats my rule for math and in this math you have to add and subtract so you can get the answer it and their is a lot of ways to figure out the answer .

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Moral Education lesson 4 unit 1

Martin Luther King said a very imported speech called l have a dream and in the speech he mentioned what tolerance means and after he made a speech US became fair place.

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moral education lesson two November 19 2017

sympathy means sharing someones sadness

empathy means put your feet in someone shoes

compassion means when you feel bad for someone

something that will make me happy when l am sad is when a friend plays with me.

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moral education lesson one November 8 2017

I am respected by others when they be nice and kind.I respect others by not making fun of their culture and being nice.I respect myself by flowing the rules

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Favorite Book is my name is yoon

the book is nonfiction l like the book because it is interesting l like how she first got bullied and then she stoped geting bulled l wish the girl that bulled her is now her friend l wonder why she does not have friends in Amarica l recommend this book because it is very nice and you want to read more and more from how interesting it is.



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