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What are human rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that every person in the world should have. There are two main types of human rights civil and political rights, and social, cultural and economic rights.

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Moral Education reflection.

stereotypes are characteristics imposed upon groups of people because of their race, nationality, and sexual orientation, among others. But these characteristics tend to be oversimplifications of the groups involved.

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About the giraffe and the pelly and me BY ROALD dahl

The story is told from the point of view of Billy, a young boy who has always dreamed of owning a candy store. His ambition is strengthened by the fact that there is an abandoned building named The Grubber, an … Continue reading

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animal research

My project falcons!!!   Only 5 falcons breeds of falcons live in the us and canada.   falcons  fun facts Hunting  falcons common falcons only miss more pray. When peregrines hunt they get aggressive. In the autumn young and experienced … Continue reading

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