if you don’t know how to play football but you like football, well if you don’t like football then probably you don’t know what football is.Well don’t worry because with Juventus mirdif academy you would become amazing but if you are over 10 years old then it might take a while to become amazing because the coach that teaches those people now is going absent a lot of times.

Too far from mirdif, don’t worry just search up on google maps the way to mirdif then it will give you the shortest way to mirdif!Even if you don’t like Juventus or you don’t know how to pronounce it well then there is gonna be three videos that tells you how to pronounce it and how much it get’s you better in one practice.

if you don’t know how to play football don’t worry because a girl plays in it!But she is actually is better than we expected but she did get better because she saw how we were playing, But the point is that you should join mirdif Juventus academy.






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