Why Children Should get Pocket Money from hard work in School

Children should get pocket money from hard work in school firstly because they need savings for the future, secondly because then are doing hard work and won’t get anything for it and thirdly because sometimes parents forget to give their kids money when there home alone or out in the mall with their friends.And do you like pocket money?,I’m sure you do.

The first reason children should get pocket money from hard work in school is because they need savings for the future.For example, I was saving up for a watch so I know the time.Once I was in magic planet with my cousin and it was three pm and my cousins mom told us to come at four pm which meant we had an hour to play and neither of us had something to tell the time so we guessed the time and when it was four twenty we though it was three forty so were like “what the hell” but at least we weren’t kidnapped or something.

The second reason children should get pocket money from hard work in school is because children would just be working and working and working until the end of the until they get something for all that hard work. I don’t get my things from grades, I get them on my reports!They come twice every ten months.<once in five months>.Can you imagine how long I have to wait.This shows that kids get money from hard work in school so they don’t have to wait so long for it.In other words this shows that every time kids work hard in school, there hard work will pay off.

Finally the last and most important reason children should get pocket money from hard work in school is because sometimes children’s parents forget to give them money when their home alone or going out to the mall with their friends so they can buy food and water. This shows that just incase children are in this situation they would have money to order or buy.

Those are all my reasons of why children should get pocket money from hard work in school.Always having money is awesome and if you tell you’r mom to do it you will always have money, so go do it now!

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Decimals is our fourth unit which we finished.Decimals small bits of numbers, like if I have 123.54, 54 is the decimal.I used to think decimals can sound as hard as university, but then after you do it, it will feel like it should be for kg2’s!

My favorite part of decimals is that it looks so hard but then turns out so easy.Decimals can be in many different things like measuring,<millimeters> and money,<fills, coins>.I improved in decimals at reading and writing decimals to hundredths, locating numbers with decimals on a number line, writing numbers between two whole numbers and order decimals and comparing their size using<,> and=.

I still want to improve on solving open number sentences and word problems and measuring and drawing lines using cm/mm.

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Today I was  looking for a task to do because they give it so no one get’s of of school, so then I saw a task that said bring it in and it was your chosen action and write it on your blog or write it on a piece of paper.

So I wan’t to tell you that I was writing<in school>a persuasion essay and it was that kids should get salary from their hard work in school and one of the reasons was because they need saving for the future and my example was, that I was saving up for a watch because I have no phone to tell the time and that is for money and so I wanted to show you the watch.

Thank you.

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I Love the Hyper venom Neymar Advertisement

I love the Neymar jr Hypervenom advert even though it was made in 2016, and this was made in 2018,it is because has action with Neymar<a famous football player>,it shows the cool design of the shoes and because it has two hooks which are the name hypervenom and when Neymar’s friend who makes the designs of the shoes,design’s the top of the shoe box of the shoe box.

The first reason I love the Neymar jr Hypervenom is that It has action of Neymar playing football.They picked Neymar because he is a famous football player and he is also the main and only player that is sponsored player of Nike Hypervenom surprisingly.He was playing for nearly the whole time!When he plays he goes closer to the camera so we have a better look into him playing.Many people think that the Neymar jr Hypervenom advertisement is terrible so they disliked it,<because it is on youtube>,but I think it’s amazing so I liked it.Before I watched it I thought it would be bad, but now I watched it, and I think it is amazing.

The second reason that I love the Neymar jr Hypervenom is because the hook of it is the name because the name of Hypervenom because its like it means the shoes are a venom that’s hyper.Neymar really liked the name Hypervenom because when he was a kid, he was dreaming himself if he became a football player and which he did like a venom that’s hyper.This shows that they put in Neymar jr’s imagination when he was a kid.To add on,Neymar surprisingly is the only one sponsored by hypervenom,but it is more famous than other ones that more than two people are sponsored on for example it is more famous than ice <the kind shoes, not real ice> which is really famous and about seven people are sponsored by it but hypervenom is still more famous!  

The third reason, the last reason,  the main reason I love the Neymar jr hypervenom advertisement is because It has action of Neymar playing football.they picked Neymar because he is a famous football player and he is also the main and only player that is sponsored player of Nike Hypervenom surprisingly.The important thing about this is that it has action in the advertisement which is one of the things that make a good advertisement.In other words action can sometimes be a hook if it’s someone famous like Neymar so as I’m writing this i’m realizing that this advertisement actually has three hooks!That’s extremely impressive that I didn’t even realize that it has three hooks.

These are all my reasons why I think the Neymar jr advertisement, it is really amazing. and In conclusion if you have the courage to see the Neymar jr advertisement, here’s the link.Thank you for reading!



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My Mini Story with My February Words

There was a boy who was stealing stuff from a performance, which is illegal and when the policeman caught him, he said he did not do it so he was dishonest. He had to have a replacement for everything which he still had, <the stuff he stole from the performance>, and had to rearrange the performance the way it was, the policeman said that the boy who stole the performance stuff is irresponsible, but he said that the policeman misunderstand him.

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Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

I made my own “company” called Nikedas,<But it is not real>.I made it myself and I chose to do this company Idea because it was my first Idea, because I wanted it to be for mainly football and it had the most Ideas to sell out of all my other ideas.It was

On this project I think that I did amazing because we had papers that said stars, wishes and comments for them to write and all of them were on stars<which means it’s good>and I don’t remember one of the writings on the things people wrote on comments or wishes!

And after all my work, I realized that if your working on a project alone, you probably will not finish unless you had about 4 lessons.But that doesn’t mean pick anyone because if you pick anyone they might not even understand your plan so I suggest tell them your plan before you are fully partners.

Thank you.

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Maths Unit Three

This was my favorite math unit because we learned what are prime numbers, composite numbers, decimals, multiples, factors, sums with addition and subtraction and open number sentence.

When I started learning about all these stuff I thought that my head would be full of headaches of math but turned out to be so easy.example the factors of nine are 1, 3 and 9 because 3 times 3 equals 9 and 1 times 9 equals 9.A prime number is a number that has only two factors for example 2 is a prime number because the only two factors it has are 1 and itself. composite number is a number that has more than two factors for example 10 is a composite number because it has four factors which are 1,2,5 and 10.And finally an open number sentence is a question that is not filled or finished and there is a letter in every space.

I realized after I learned all these things that I thought it would get my brain fully into math but sometimes you look at something your about to learn on and you start feeling that you are gonna fail this but then after you learn it, you realize it is extremely easy.Now I gonna ask you a question but I wont tell you what it’s about before the question.

what are all the factors of nine hundred?

Comment below.

Thank you


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The Risk-Taker Neil Armstrong

Today I will be talking about the risk-taker Neil Armstrong and why he is a risk taker.Neil Armstrong is a risk-taker because he risked his life in order to be the first man to walk on the moon.He was an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot, and university professor.Here is a picture of Neil Armstrong

first step on the moon


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What is an Advertisment

This week we were learning about adverts.We heard some radio adverts. We looked for some good ads to share with the class like Grammarly.It is a really good ad that I downloaded it and I use it when I make a new post.I was surprised when I realized that an advertisement is the same thing as an ad.I learned that some ads are radio ads and ads that you can see like on youtube.The one I saw was flash.

An advertisement is like trying to convince you to go to that shop, for example, the apple company.They sell iPhones,iPods,ipads and their kind of computers MacBooks.On each and every one of the iPhones,iPods,ipads and MacBooks it has the company sign that has an apple that has been bitten so if people like the iPhones,iPods,ipads or MacBooks they can ask other people if they know where the apple company is.Also, there are radio ads that you hear on the radio or on youtube there are radio ads that surprised me when my teacher told me that and radio ads can also actionlike those ads that have action.

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My UOI Portfolio Work

I want to share my portfolio work’s because it is part of UOI and I love UOI.

Our central idea is “The World Changes due to Natural Processes and Human”.

I learned that

.Mountains don’t last forever.

.Mountains cant become canyons.

.Canyons are made by ice wedging and root wedging.


When it was the quarter of the year, we started mystery science and learned that Mountains don’t last forever, Mountains cant become canyons they are made by ice wedging and root wedging and that sand is on the beach because it comes from the mountains then rocks go down the mountain by ice wedging or root wedging and then thy bump onto each other on the way the waves push them onto the place the sand is.

here are some UOI pictures<and the form of the sand>.I chose these pieces of work because it is really good and they are below.




This is the sand form of, why is there sand on the beach?



I want to share this work because it is my solution of my problem which is that the glass of the light in my compound keeps breaking and I got stitches because of this problem and there is a picture of the innovation/invention whatever you like to call it but it is probably an innovation.




That is the writing of the solution.



Sorry its blurry.


And that is the drawing of it and I hope you enjoyed and learned something.

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