Highlights from this week

Highlights from this week.

Joshua learning to swim across the pool.

 DIVING IN DEEP– This week we also enjoyed making fish prints with a real fish, swimming like fish underwater in the pool, we also went into the big pool, fishing with poles and magnetic fish in our water table and singing some of our favorite fish songs- Baby Shark, Listen to the Water, and Water, Water, Water.

PAINTING- In this messy, chilly sensory activity, we froze ice trays after each child added one color of paint and mixed it into the water. They were so excited when we went to the freezer and saw the colored water had frozen. Playing with the ice, they rubbed them all over their papers to make a colorful creation. We are also talking and exploring all the different artic animals and were they live.

Tuesday, June 19th– PreK FUN DAY please have your children wear there swimming suit to school this day. We will be doing lots of fun water activities.

Wednesday, JUNE 20th -RAINBOW DAY! This will be our last color day of the year. Please help your child dress in as many colors as possible!

Wednesday, June 20thSWIMMING DAY– will be our last swim day at school. Please help your child remember all of their swim gear for this week.





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