Highlights from this week

Today we attended the Grade 2 musical. It was a wonderful time and a lot of the kids had siblings in grade 2. The musical was in the MPH and was based on  Harold and the Purple Crayon a story the kids know very well.


Grade 2 musical

Ice PaintingICE PAINTING- In this messy, chilly sensory activity, we froze ice trays after each child added one color of paint and mixed it into the water. They were so excited when we went to the freezer and saw the colored water had frozen. Playing with the ice, they rubbed them all over their papers to make a colorful creation.

Next week:

Sunday – please return library books.  This is the last week to borrow books!

Sunday – Wear your yellow shirts for free flow.

Wednesday- Swimming please make sure your child has everything they need for swimming.

Wednesday- Black and White Day


BLACK AND WHITE DAY: Wednesday, May 30th will be our color of the month day at school. Please have your child either wear or bring in something that has either black and/or white.

  • UAS Food Drive– Our PTSO is also sponsoring a Food Drive from now until next Thursday, May 31st.

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