Highlights from this week.

OUR FIELD TRIP– Thursday was a full and exciting day! At the Dolphinarium, we worked our way through a crazy Mirror Maze, were entertained by dancing, talking, intelligent birds at the Bird Show, ate lunch together, and then were dazzled by the Dolphin and Seal Show. In our reflection time, the dolphins remained the favorite for most, but also getting to ride on a school bus was a treat for those that are car riders. Thank you to the two moms, Kris Lawerence and Crystal Hanna that chaperoned and were so helpful. I wish all the moms could have come!

This week we learned about puffer fish and Mrs. Waldo brought in a real puffer fish that we could hold. It was really fun and we learned all about what they eat and even watched a video on them eating clams and crabs.


All Pre-K classes will come together from 8:10-9:00am to acknowledge the children, perform some songs, and eat some food together.

FOOD-We need your help bringing in breakfast themed food such as eggs, fruit, veggies, croissants, sausages-please NO food with pork or nuts. You may bring your food that morning and place it in the cafeteria.

FANCY– You child may come dressed in nice dress clothes.

 FAMILY– All family members or friends are welcome to come!

FUN– You may proceed to the cafeteria to bring your food and get a seat once you drop off your child in the morning by 7:55am. The classes will come to the cafeteria and begin the performance portion at 8:10am. Once the performance and acknowledgements are over everyone will eat and socialize!


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